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How Norwegian fight refugees altered Swedish politics

Many who fled from Norway to Sweden during a initial years of World War II finished adult in a German thoroughness stay in Germany or in German chains on Norwegian dirt instead.

Swedish neutrality process essentially lucky Germany. But during a fight years – and generally in 1943 – Swedish politics swung toward a Allies.

Rejected refugees

Historian Lars Hansson has researched Norwegian refugees and Swedish interloper politics during a fight years. His investigate incited into a doctorate during a University of Gothenburg.

From 1940 to 1942, many refugees from Norway were stopped right after they crossed a Swedish border.

Nor did Sweden wish to understanding with German deserters. Some finished adult in German thoroughness camps and others finished adult in POW camps in Norway. The punishment for deserters in Germany was severe: execution, seizure or use in German penal companies on a Eastern front.

Locals took over

Hansson’s investigate builds on prior studies of 33 000 inquire protocols relating to refugees from Norway who came to a 3 Swedish limit counties of Värmland, Dalsland and Bohuslän.

“The Swedish interloper process went from being really limiting during a commencement of a war, to eventually completely revelation refugees from Norway during a after fight years,” says Hansson in a University of Gothenburg article.

Until a conflict on Norway in Apr 1940, Swedish interloper process had been a matter for a Ministry for Foreign Affairs and other executive authorities in Stockholm. The Ministry had essentially been endangered with haven for people who fled Germany and German-occupied countries serve south.

But when a Norwegian refugees began to cranky a limit in a west, a decision-making management shifted to internal member of a Swedish authorities along a limit with Norway.

Crucial importance

The limit between Sweden and Norway is 1630 kilometres long.

The refugees came opposite a limit all a approach from northern Norway and south to Eastern Norway. Significant resources were used in a 26 farming military districts on a Swedish side that were given shortcoming for receiving refugees.

Local Swedish military officers along a limit areas and open officials with military powers certified a refugees when they crossed a limit from Norway.

The Norwegian refugees were sent to movement centres and camps that a Swedes combined for them during a fight years.

Hansson believes that a many face-to-face meetings between a internal Swedes and Norwegian refugees competence explain because Swedish interloper process altered so dramatically during a fight years.

“These encounters were substantially of essential significance in opening adult a limiting policy,” says Hansson.

The historian points out that a knowledge a Swedes gained from handling a Norwegian refugees enabled Sweden to hoop a vast interloper liquid from Denmark, Finland and a Baltic states towards a finish of a war.

Search for names

In a digital National Archives of Norway we can now find a names of Norwegian refugees in Sweden, that enclose over 40 000 names. Perhaps you’ll learn some family members? You can review some-more during a National Archives.


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