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‘Human Arrow’ Flies Through Target on China’s Great Wall

‘Human Arrow’ Jeb Corliss ripped by a aim on China’s Great Wall on Sunday in a latest of a fibre of stunts carried out by a 40-year-old daredevil.

For Corliss this latest challenge, involving skydiving from a helicopter dressed in a wingsuit, was all about precision. Corliss pronounced for this plea he’d wanted to so something “safer” after drifting by a 25 feet far-reaching defect between dual precipice faces for his prior stunt.

The moody was creatively designed for Saturday though high winds — that Corliss pronounced could “basically kill you” stopped a initial attempt.

Corliss after pronounced he was finished with “death defying.”

“I’m not about doing genocide defying things anymore,” told NBC News. “That’s not a point. What I’d most rather do is things that are safe, repeatable, though some-more difficult.”

He added, “Astronauts, when they went there to a moon, did they go there to be genocide defying? Was that their idea — how hardcore we can be? No. Their judgment was how do we get to a moon and get home. They had a most bigger, grander prophesy in mind. It wasn’t about being genocide defying. It was about accomplishing a idea that pushed a tellurian class forward.”

Article source: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/human-arrow-flies-through-target-china-s-great-wall-n582301