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“Idiocracy’s” curdled politics: The dear dystopian comedy is unequivocally a jubilee of eugenics

AlterNet Last week a screenwriter for a 2006 satirical scholarship novella comedy “Idiocracy” came out and pronounced his film’s calamity prophesy of a nation run by improperly bred morons had indeed come true:

This was predictably followed by a array of editorials, consider pieces and takes that seem to endorse this theory: Trump was a product of an indefinable “dumbing down” of a domestic environment:

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It’s no warn Cohen’s comments would go viral. They fit orderly into a outwardly appealing thought that Trump, and a GOP during large, are charcterised by toothless rednecks and science-denying idiots. While there positively are both of those, as good as outright white supremacists, in Trump’s constituency, wielding “Idiocracy” as a kind of domestic shorthand for a new, and therefore meaningful, change in a domestic meridian is both false and politically poisonous for a left.

First of all, there’s a emanate of a film’s pro-eugenic premise: The thought that some destiny universe would be populated by reticent people, while inherently smug, isn’t necessarily right-wing. What creates a film conservative is a reason for this stupidity: that reticent people are tact too much, a judgment steeped in eugenics, one of a nastiest strains of elitism ever invented by humanity. This is a thought that multitude incentivizes a wrong people—”idiots”—to have some-more children, and by a laws of “evolution” this formula in some-more idiots and fewer intelligent people. This is tangible in a opening method by the pseudoscience of IQ and given a clearly classist framing:

While a film is savvy adequate to equivocate sincere racism, it dives conduct initial into sum classism. The cryptic breeders all have hillbilly accents and live in trailers, while those whose eggs we presumably wish fertilized shorten WASP-y stereotypes.

The film’s legions of defenders call it satire. Well, a sincere evidence of a film is that good tact prevents amicable problems. The supposed joke deduction from there, presenting a absurd consequences of what will occur if we don’t rethink how multitude breeds. Satire isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free label for all coarse and illiberal ideas; it has to be forked and targeting a powerful, not targeting deceptive notions of insanity illustrated by Appalachia accents and trailer parks though care for what caused a insanity in a initial place.

The summary is inexpensive and easy and doesn’t need us to meaningfully plea power, most reduction ourselves. Instead, we approach a contempt during a pseudo-problem of not being sufficient intelligent, as if such a problem operates eccentric of element factors.

This view is a common thread in left discourse. While nowhere nearby as conservative or meanspirited, being smarter than a other man was a underline of a Jon Stewart epoch of domestic comedy. Snark was some-more critical than ideology, pomposity a usually unforgivable impiety and throwing clips together to make right wingers demeanour like morons, rather than people with sinister politics, was a indicate of “The Daily Show” fan base’s domestic enterprise.

This was also seen in a left’s hoax of a Tea Party, mostly embellished as ignorant boobs, notwithstanding a fact that those identifying as Tea Party members have, on average, aloft income and education levels than a race in general. While preparation positively doesn’t proportion to intelligence, to contend zero of worldliness or wisdom, a fact that a Tea Party—and Trump’s voting base—are indeed some-more prepared than a ubiquitous voting bottom affirms, once again, a problem isn’t “intelligence” though rather poisonous beliefs that operates eccentric of people’s IQ. As Michael Tracy notes, Trump indeed won electorate with post-graduate degrees in a state of Massachusetts, a “crown valuables of American aloft education.” How many Nazis had anthropology or psychology degrees? How many were eminent physicists and musicians? Stupidity is not what total a arise of Trump, a counsel poisoning of a sermon by a rich over decades total with a left’s inability offer a transparent class-based choice has.

Smugness and irony are a egghead run-off of a left unqualified or reluctant to pronounce clearly in a denunciation of category and category conflict. When we can’t, or won’t, approach a madness during those obliged for a immeasurable infancy of a world’s problems, namely a superwealthy and a entrepreneur complement that props them up, we are left with nowhere to aim. Instead, we prominence a problem—in this box domestic ignorance—without addressing a primary culprit: a consolidation of media into immeasurable corporations, a PR-fueled consider tank attention fed by billionaires designed to foster poisonous right-wing canards, a sprawling Islamophobia industry, a hurtful campaign financing system, and a decades-long corporate assault on K-12 and postsecondary education.

The thought that a erosive egghead and domestic meridian (for that Trump is a stream avatar) can be chalked adult to too many reticent people carrying kids or some vague, guiltless thought of “dumbing down,” rather than counsel process directives of a rich and their far-right media machinery–to contend zero of a inability of a left to sufficient fight this machinery–is one of a some-more reductionist and politically invalid ideas to stock a discourse. We are not vital in an idiocracy, we are vital in an oligarchy, for that domestic irrationality is one of many sign caused by a large, virulent cancer of inequality and exile capitalism.

Article source: http://www.salon.com/2016/03/05/idiocracys_curdled_politics_the_beloved_dystopian_comedy_is_really_a_celebration_of_eugenics_partner/