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In ‘The Equalizer 2’ Trailer, Denzel Washington Travels a Globe


Denzel Washington in a stage from a trailer for “The Equalizer 2.”

In 2014, Denzel Washington took over Edward Woodward’s ’80s TV purpose as a late view incited punish dilettante Robert McCall for a big-screen chronicle of “The Equalizer.” The film warranted $192 million worldwide. Now he’s behind in “The Equalizer 2,” that has usually expelled a initial trailer, and — stop us if you’ve listened this one before — this time, it’s personal.

After his crony and associate former user (Melissa Leo) is murdered by C.I.A.-trained assassins, McCall vows, “I’m going to kill any and each one of them, and a usually beating is that we usually get to do it once.” Cut to scenes of guns blazing and skeleton snapping.

THE EQUALIZER 2 – Official Trailer (HD) Video by Sony Pictures Entertainment

Perhaps since a strange brought in less income abroad than domestically, a supplement has a some-more general feel. As decorated in a trailer’s opening sequence, McCall travels to Turkey to rescue a immature lady kidnapped from her American mother.

The film represents a fourth teaming of Mr. Washington and a executive Antoine Fuqua, who also done a initial “Equalizer” as good as a 2001 Oscar leader “Training Day” and a 2016 western “The Magnificent Seven.”

“The Equalizer 2” hits theaters on Jul 20.

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