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In a face of adversity, Dak Prescott delivers

DALLAS — To hear the
Dallas Cowboys tell it, there was never any doubt that rookie quarterback
Dak Prescott would do what he did on Sunday night. It didn’t matter that he’d finally looked like a first-year quarterback, that a struggles that customarily disease all immature players eventually had held adult to him. This group had seen him lift off too many extraordinary feats in his brief career. A few some-more had to be on a horizon, as we shortly schooled in the
Cowboys’ 26-20 win over Tampa Bay.

It’s now reaching a indicate where it’s unfit to consider of something Prescott hasn’t overcome in his initial NFL season. He’s proven that he was some-more than a easily regarded fourth-round collect — one who wasn’t ostensible to be prepared to play during this turn so early — and that he was good adequate to keep Tony Romo on a sidelines after Romo returned from a behind damage that sidelined him progressing this year. Now Prescott has shown what he can do with people finally saying his flaws. He had endured 3 unsatisfactory performances before a Buccaneers came to city on Sunday, all of that combined an event for him to arrangement his mental toughness once again.

Prescott threw 36 passes opposite Tampa Bay. Only 4 of those attempts fell incomplete, while his 279 flitting yards pennyless a fibre of 3 true games when he didn’t even obscure a 200-yard mark. As Cowboys owners Jerry Jones pronounced after a victory, “I consider he’s shown that he can do what we wish a quarterback can do. He came behind when he didn’t play as good as he wanted to play. It shows we that he’s not disturbed about anything that’s being pronounced about him. He’s going to go to work and go to city so we can quit worrying about that kind of stuff.”

Of course, Jones was one of those people who was contributing to all a speak about Prescott final week. After a Cowboys mislaid to a New York Giants final Sunday, Jones cryptically settled that it would be a good storyline if Romo somehow managed to lapse to a margin and lead Dallas to a championship. It wasn’t so most of an publicity for Romo as it was a means for Jones to keep his group resolutely confirmed in a headlines. It also was adequate to take a contention about Prescott’s play to an wholly opposite level.

There was no doubt that a rookie signal-caller had reached a vicious indicate in his career trajectory. He usually had 3 completions of longer than 15 yards in his 3 before games. The Cowboys offense also had turn impossibly ineffectual on third down, as Dallas had left two-for-24 in converting those situations in their dual before contests. The Giants’ detriment usually reinforced a concerns that Prescott had strike a rookie wall, as he threw dual interceptions and finished usually 45.9 percent of his passes in that 10-7 loss.

So it was fundamentally time to see how Prescott would hoop a opposite form of adversity: The kind that comes when people stop lauding your strengths and start focusing on your weaknesses. Prescott joked that “there was reduction time spent on amicable media” this past week though he also valid that he wasn’t going to respond to his issues by perplexing to do too much. After all, this is a same rookie who was so fit that he posted a passer rating of during slightest 100 or improved in 10 of his initial 12 games. Prescott concurred that he competence have been too fervent to emanate large plays in that Giants’ loss, an aspiration that cost him dearly in a end.

That explains because Sunday saw him lapse to a some-more totalled proceed to heading this offense. The round came out faster, some-more receivers got concerned (eight opposite players held a pass on Sunday) and there was some-more certainty in his approach. “I consider that’s my game,” Prescott said. “I consider final week we usually got divided from that. we got divided from my common holding what they give me, removing a round out discerning and being patient. Tonight was usually to get behind to what I’ve been doing all (year) long.”

“He’s someone who has rubbed any conditions that he’s come opposite unequivocally well,” combined Cowboys conduct manager Jason Garrett. “He’s rubbed success good and he’s rubbed adversity well. (That’s) adversity in games and adversity from week to week. Whatever it is, he’s a same guy.”

Prescott’s opening would’ve been some-more considerable if a Cowboys offense had been some-more consistent. There was some-more success on third down (Dallas was five-for-13) and using behind Ezekiel Elliott continued his widespread rookie deteriorate (he ran for 159 yards and a touchdown). However, a Cowboys continue to pull penalties that destroy their movement during vicious junctures of possessions. Had Dallas not finished this diversion with 8 penalties for 91 yards, this competition competence have been a blowout instead of one that finished with Tampa Bay carrying a shot during a game-winning expostulate in a final minute.

Prescott forked that out in his post-game press discussion — “I consider a usually thing that slowed us down was when we were interlude ourselves,” he pronounced — and he already understands there is no room for self-destruction once a postseason arrives. It’s already apropos utterly apparent that a Cowboys will have adequate problems with teams who are training how to conflict their offense. Prescott has been well-spoken and solid when he’s not underneath pressure. The teams that have caused him problems (Philadelphia, Minnesota and a New York Giants) all have jaunty defensive linemen who weren’t fazed by a Cowboys’ large descent line.

In fact, Prescott has nonetheless to have any genuine success opposite New York. He’s mislaid to them twice and he’s usually finished 51.2 percent of his passes in those games (while throwing one touchdown and dual interceptions). It’s satisfactory to consternation how Prescott would transport if he faced a Giants again — or a group as disruptive as Seattle — in a postseason. That’s looking like a subsequent biggest plea for him to overcome, generally in a deteriorate where expectations surrounding this group have reached epic levels.

The Cowboys are now 12-2 and one some-more win will bind a NFC East pretension for them. The tip seed in a NFC playoffs also would come with that victory, that is because subsequent week’s diversion opposite a Detroit Lions is so pivotal. The unequivocally good news for Dallas is that it no longer has to consternation about a training bend of their rookie quarterback. From all we saw on Sunday night, Dak Prescott is behind to being a actor we’ve turn accustomed to saying any and any week.

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