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iPhone 5se rumors: ‘Hey Siri’ underline interjection to A9/M9 chips

The common idea has been that any year we’d get a new iPhone refresh, yet 2016 might be a exception. Turns out that this year we could get two new iPhones. The initial one adult is a rumored iPhone 5se, an “enhanced” deputy of a 4-inch iPhone 5s, that’s reportedly set to come out this spring.

To assistance make clarity of a pell-mell hearsay, we’re collecting any gossip that has flush about a iPhone 5se, from a reported specs to a guesstimated recover date, and all in between—as good as attempted to discern a plausibly of any rumor.

Here’s what (we think) we know so far.

What’s a latest?

The rumor: When it comes to estimate power, we might have creatively underestimated this small iPhone. After formerly stating that a iPhone 5se will exaggerate A8 and M8 chips, like a iPhone 6, 9to5Mac is now observant that it will have a faster A9 and M9 chips, like a iPhone 6s. Or during slightest a “variant” of those newer chips.

Plausible? The reason Apple is selecting to ascent a iPhone 5se with A9 chips is given a iPhone 7 will many expected have an A10 processor. And it creates clarity that they wouldn’t wish their iPhone 5se to be behind by dual generations in usually a few months when a 7 comes out. Ah yes, a iPhone 7 rumors are starting already, too, yet that’s another story…

Will it embody always-on Siri?

The rumor: One of a perks of adding faster processors to a iPhone 5se is a ability to incorporate a always-on “Hey Siri” functionality. “Hey Siri” lets we entrance Siri by simply job out her name and yet carrying to press down on a Home symbol or carrying to block in a device.

Plausible? Apple wants to keep creation Siri smarter and some-more proactive, so we can design for “Hey Siri” to turn a customary underline on all their devices. If a iPhone 5se has a M9 chip indispensable for an always-on Siri, afterwards it’s totally value it to incorporate it.

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How many storage will it have?

The rumor: The lowest-costing iPhone 5se indication will start out with an deplorable ability of 16GB. But for a subsequent step up, Apple is reportedly doubling a ability from 32GB to 64GB, like how they did with a iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

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