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Iran’s Supreme Leader Rules Out US Talks in Trump-esque Style

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, graphic Jul 21, rejects negotiations with a U.S.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah

Ali Khamenei

ruled out approach talks with a U.S. on Monday, rejecting an offer from

Donald Trump

in a president’s possess style—a strongly worded, all-caps tweet.

“THERE WILL BE NO WAR, NOR WILL WE NEGOTIATE WITH THE U.S.,” Mr. Khamenei, who has final contend in state matters and contingency approve any domestic talks, pronounced on his central



“Even if we ever—impossible as it is—negotiated with a U.S., it would never ever be with a stream U.S. administration,” he combined in a apart tweet.

The pronouncement, that steady comments from a debate Mr. Khamenei delivered progressing Monday, seemed to erase any doubt over Iran’s response to Mr. Trump’s offer late in Jul for umbrella talks.

That offer, done during a White House news conference, evoked a wavering between threats and tact that characterized a U.S. administration’s new rendezvous with North Korea.

It followed Mr. Trump’s withdrawal in May from a Iran chief deal, an Obama-era agreement that gave Iran relief from general sanctions in sell for curbs on a chief program.

The withdrawal left Iranian leaders mad and set a theatre for an escalation of trenchant tongue on both sides. After Iranian President

Hassan Rouhani

warned in Jul of “the mom of all wars” should a U.S. incite Iran, Mr. Trump tweeted his possess uppercase caution.


The near-demise of a chief deal—Iran is still in talks with European parties in an bid to deliver it—has helped pull a economy to a brink. The Iranian rial has depressed to record lows in new months opposite a dollar, as U.S. sanctions carried underneath a chief understanding began going behind into place early in August.

Unemployment and acceleration are both going to be in a double-digits for 2018, a International Monetary Fund estimates and analysts contend mercantile expansion will delayed drastically as a U.S. puts vigour on a allies to cut behind purchases of Iranian oil. Another turn of sanctions targeting Iran’s wanton exports turn effective in November.

Despite Iran’s need for a respite, Iranian officials have indicated that new talks with a U.S. aren’t approaching to happen. Iranian Foreign Minister

Javad Zarif

pronounced Saturday there was no assembly designed on a sidelines of a United Nations General Assembly entertainment in September.

“The Americans are not honest,” Mr. Zarif said, according to a semiofficial Tasnim News Agency. “Moreover, they are caught in their addiction; a obsession of sanctions will not concede any discourse to take place.”

Analysts had approaching Iran to exclude talks with a U.S., in partial since of a miss of certainty about a Trump administration’s intentions. While Mr. Trump pronounced he’d be peaceful to reason umbrella talks, Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo

laid out a prolonged list of preconditions.

Iranian officials have negotiated with American counterparts regulating back-channels over a years, notwithstanding a countries’ antipathy. It wasn’t transparent if such talks continue.

Mr. Khamenei has prolonged blamed Iran’s problems—from mercantile problems to popular disturbance that swept Iran in late Dec and January—on outmost forces.

On Monday, though, Mr. Khamenei done an surprising concession, observant inner mismanagement was a heading cause.

“Today’s provision problems do not emerge from outside; they are internal,” he pronounced Monday. “If actions are taken some-more efficiently, some-more prudently, some-more quickly and some-more firmly, sanctions can't have most outcome and they can be resisted.”

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