In Mar of 2011, 12-year-old Cristian Fernandez was taken into an speak room during a Jacksonville, Florida, troops hire and interrogated by Michelle Soehlig, a ponytailed womanlike officer. Before Soehlig began doubt him, she told a child, “These are your inherent rights,” and slid over a ask inventory a Miranda warnings, informed to anyone who’s seen an partial of Law Order. Cristian was differently alone, squirmy, resting his conduct on his corpulent arms and infrequently articulate to himself, as if practicing what to contend to a adults who would doubt him, muttering, “Pow! Pow! Pow!” He responded to Soehlig’s questions with a hardly heard “Uh-huh,” so she stirred him to contend “Yes.” It was after 2 am.

“Has he woken up?” Cristian asked during one point, referring to his 2-year-old hermit David.

“He’s still sleeping,” Soehlig replied, definition that David was still in a coma. She gave Cristian a doll to assistance him denote what he competence have finished to David. Later, she would prove to a doll’s head, seeking Cristian if he strike his hermit there and, if so, how many times. The stage is prisoner in Juvenile Lifers, a documentary about jailed children done by Cyril Denvers and Anthony Headley. The directors were given entrance to probity footage and papers for their film, that was partially saved by a French public-access channel France 5.

David would eventually die of his injuries—multiple fractures to a skull—and Cristian would be charged with murdering him.

The morning before his interrogation, according to a defence that Cristian would after file, he and David, along with their sister and other brother, had been left during home unattended by their mother, Biannela Susana. Cristian called her during 9:20 am to contend that David had harm himself. When Biannela returned home, she found David unconscious, nonetheless left him there to take Cristian to school. She afterwards waited some-more than 8 hours before holding David to a hospital. An conference of her resource showed that she’d Googled a symptoms of a concussion and also did some online banking. (Biannela would eventually beg guilty to contingent killing and be cursed to conference with no jail time. The documentary raises questions about her impasse in a crime.)

Undoubtedly, both Biannela and Cristian had formidable lives before to David’s death. Biannela was 12 when she gave birth to Cristian—impregnated as a outcome of a rape. The dual were during one prove in encourage caring together, both wards of a state, after they were found erratic in a motel parking lot, unfed and dirty. Biannela also had aroused boyfriends, one of whom molested Cristian. Her final beloved shot himself in a conduct in front of her children.

During a interrogation, Cristian pronounced initial that David had depressed off a berth bed, afterwards that he’d pushed David opposite a bookshelf, causing his injuries. Biannela was in an inquire room subsequent door; during one point, Cristian was sent to speak to her and their examination was videotaped. Biannela cried and told him to go away. After this ordeal, a masculine officer came in to put shackles on him. “I have to put these on you, buddy,” a policeman said.