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IS leaders ‘infuriated over Wanndy’s disaster to lift out attacks in Malaysia’

EXCLUSIVE: MALACCA: Muhammad Wanndy Mohamed Jedi is unfortunate to keep his pretension as a tip Malaysian Islamic State (IS) operative, with a apprehension network carrying mislaid faith in him.

“He has unsuccessful to lift out attacks in Malaysia as planned. This has murderous a (IS) Syrian and Iraqi leaders,” an comprehension source told The Star.

Among a botched IS attacks in a nation was a Movida nightclub bombing in Puchong final May.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar had reliable that it was a initial IS conflict on Malaysia, that he pronounced was carried out by Malaysians directly educated by Muhammad Wanndy from Syria.

Eight people were harmed in that attack.

Last month, Khalid pronounced Muhammad Wanndy was still user to enhance IS change in Malaysia.

According to a source, Muham­mad Wanndy has “limited time” to try and remonstrate his Syrian leaders of his ability to control apprehension attacks.

“He has been given until a finish of a year, or risks carrying his status as a IS’ Malaysian personality stripped,” pronounced a source.

The source pronounced that due to his predicament, Muhammad Wanndy will go all out to infer his eagerness by entertainment bombings during targeted spots in Malaysia.

Muhammad Wanndy, who is from Durian Tunggal, Malacca, and his 26-year-old mother left for Syria in Jan 2016, and a former is believed to be formed in Raqqa, IS’ de facto capital.

To do his KPI as a tip Malaysian IS operative, Muhammad Wanndy is pronounced to have sought a assistance of Syrian IS leaders for hackers to dig Malaysia’s amicable media network.

“He has betrothed a IS leaders that he will be means to wreak massacre in Malaysia in several months’ time,” a source said, adding that Muhammad Wanndy wanted to enhance his IS tentacles in a nation by amicable media.

He will aim people with a bent to make extremist remarks or criticize leaders in Facebook posts.

“He will try to cater them online and when he gets a response, he will start indoctrinating a people with IS propaganda,” a source said.

The source pronounced Bukit Aman was on tip of a matter.

“Malaysian military know that Muhammad Wanndy has set adult over 100 WhatsApp groups whose members embody students via a country.

“The WhatsApp groups are managed by Syrian hackers,” a source said, adding that Muhammad Wanndy has attempted to captivate some-more Malaysians to join him in Syria with a guarantee of monthly salaries.

“About 80% of those he has managed to change were found to be addicts and introverts,” he said.

Muhammad Wanndy, according to a source, has another conflict – preventing roughly 57 Malaysian militants from withdrawal Syria.

“They have mislaid faith and have deserted money offers from him to stay,” a source said.

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