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Is this a Flying Spaghetti Monster? Siphonophore filmed on seabed off a …

Video from a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) during a abyss of 1325m off a Angola seashore suggested a weird looking quadruped on a sea seabed. The ROV was being operated by a organisation from BP that was operative on an oil good nearby. The organisation nicknamed a creature, “Flying Spaghetti Monster”, a anxiety to a deity of a Church of a Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The church – also famous as Pastafarianism – is a amicable transformation or satire sacrament that opposes a training of intelligent pattern and creationism in schools.

Watch a footage of a quadruped below:

BP upheld a footage to a UK’s National Oceanography Centre and after Daniel Jones and Dr Philip Pugh of a SERPENT plan expel an consultant eye over a video, they identified a quadruped as a Siphonophore, belonging to a organisation of nautical animals such as corals and jellyfish.

More precisely, a citation is famous as Bathyphysa conifera.

Jones said, “This surprising quadruped has sparked a outrageous greeting on a internet with over a entertain of a million people examination a video over a final week! The video was sent to me by oil attention ROV pilots by a SERPENT network. It is a good instance of how partnership with attention can concede us to see most some-more of a low sea and a bizarre and smashing sea life.”

The “Scientific and Environmental ROV Partnership regulating Existing iNdustrial Technology (SERPENT)” plan helps to make record and date from a oil and gas attention some-more permitted to a scholarship community, so enabling swell in a deep-sea investigate field.

Some Siphonophore can grow adult to 40 metres long, creation some class among a longest animals in a world.

Article source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/is-this-the-flying-spaghetti-monster-siphonophore-filmed-on-seabed-off-the-coast-of-angola-10458665.html