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Islamic State Presses Offensive in Syria’s North

Islamic State militants pulpy their descent Saturday in northern Syria opposite a vital antithesis stronghold, contrary with anti-government army inside a city of Marea circuitously a Turkish border.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights pronounced a lightning IS strike north of Aleppo cut a categorical highway joining Marea to a circuitously antithesis city of Azaz.  

No serve fight sum were accessible late Saturday.  But a Associated Press progressing in a day quoted a conduct of one of a final remaining hospitals in Marea as observant a city has been encircled and his sanatorium underneath hazard given Friday.

“We need obligatory insurance for a sanatorium or a approach out,” medicine Abdel Rahman Alhafez told a handle use in an email statement.   

Raqqa, SyriaRaqqa, Syria

To a east, a Kurdish-Arab fondness corroborated by a United States pulpy an descent opposite fighters north of a IS building city Raqqa. Turkish media reported U.S. airstrikes and Turkish artillery glow broken several buildings used as an IS domicile in a city.

Monitors contend Syrian army warplanes and helicopters battered other opposition-held limit area towns in Aleppo range Saturday, serve pressuring embattled rebels fighting to disintegrate a supervision of President Bashar al-Assad.

Analysts contend a new Islamic State territorial gains around Marea and Azaz have trapped some-more than 160,000 Syrian civilians between a Azaz-Marea segment and a sealed Turkish limit about 20 kilometers to a north.

Elsewhere in a region, U.S. Special Operations army and a bloc of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters famous as a Syrian Democratic Forces are reported clearing an area north of Raqqa, a Islamic State’s de facto collateral in Syria.

On Friday, a Kurdish commander in a segment told an embedded VOA contributor a SDF bloc had seized during slightest 10 area villages and was fighting extremists on 3 fronts north of Raqqa.

Local reports pronounced IS fighters were scheming to urge a city with booby-trapped buildings, a fibre of trenches and berms.




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