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Jake The Ballet Dog: A Muttcracker Tale

Jake still loves the sounds of the orchestra, but this week he's staying with Allegra, a prima ballerina at the ballet. When she takes Jake behind the scenes of her rehearsals for The Nutcracker, he loves twirling and whirling with the dancers. Jake is dazzled by the sparkling treats and beautiful fairies and has so much fun that he can't help but join in on the dress rehearsal. Pretty soon, he's mastered his arabesque and pirouette, but when it comes time for opening night, Jake will have to stay backstage. Watching from the wings can be just as fun, and if he's good, Jake will get to take his own special bow. Jake's new adventure will encourage children's love of the arts through the story of this beloved ballet.Price:  $    Read More and Buy it here!

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