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Jazmine Barnes death: Community binds burial as military hunt for torpedo of 7-year-old girl

Houston — Hundreds in a Houston village collected Saturday to respect a 7-year-old plant of a driveby sharpened whose torpedo is still on a run. Jazmine Barnes was in her mom’s automobile on Sunday streamer to a store when a gunman non-stop fire.

An crawl throng of some-more than 500 entertainment to support Jazmine’s family. 

“We gonna find him no matter what dilemma we have to turn, no matter what stone we got to go under, we gonna find we man,” pronounced her sad mother, LaPorsha Washington, who was also shot in a attack. 

The event, a fundraiser for a family, had another purpose that organizers contend is even some-more important: Keeping Jazmine’s genocide on people’s minds.

Jazmine Barnes.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office

“We are out here to support her given being a family and to remove your daughter as in a conditions like this is a tragedy,” pronounced one attendee. 

It’s been roughly a week given a 7-year-old was shot in a conduct by a flitting engineer while roving in her mother’s automobile along with her 3 sisters. Even with a $100,000 prerogative now out there, no one has nonetheless been hold accountable. 


The policeman expelled an artist’s sketch display a thin, white male in his 30s or 40s with a 5 o’clock shadow.  And NASA helped lift this confidence video of a red lorry a think was driving.  

Deputies were behind on a entrance highway friday where a clearly unprovoked conflict happened, looking for clues that competence have left unnoticed.  And they continued knocking on circuitously doors, anticipating to find some-more confidence footage of a truck. 

Washington pronounced she’s been impressed by support.  A GoFundMe drive has surfaced $60,0000. 

Celebrities have used their amicable media platforms to lift awareness. Houston Texans far-reaching receiver DeAndre Hopkins posted a print and wrote “This is for you, Jaz.” He dedicated Saturday’s playoff diversion and his paycheck from it to a family.

The wish of many during a burial Saturday is that Jazmine’s torpedo will be arrested before she’s laid to rest on Tuesday.

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