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Jennifer Hudson, President Trump, other celebs compensate reverence to Aretha Franklin


Reports contend a strain statue died from modernized pancreatic cancer in her Detroit home surrounded by family. Here’s a demeanour during her iconic career that spans generations in strain and American history.

Celebrities are reacting to a genocide of Aretha Franklin.

The “Queen of Soul,” whose impassioned, riveting voice done her a titan of American music, died Thursday morning at her home in Detroit of pancreatic cancer, her niece Sabrina Owens reliable to The Detroit Free Press. She was 76.

Here’s what stars are observant about a late legend.

President Donald Trump called Franklin “a good woman, with a smashing present from God, her voice.” He added, “She will be missed!”

During his Cabinet assembly Thursday, a boss began by expressing his condolences “to a family of a chairman we knew well.”

“She worked for me on countless occasions. She was terrific,” he said. “She brought fun to millions of lives and her unusual bequest will flower and enthuse many generations to come. She was given a good present from God – her voice, and she used (it) well. People desired Aretha. She was a special woman. So usually wish to pass on my warmest, best wishes and sympathies to her family.”

Speaking to Franklin, Jennifer Hudson wrote, “while training me about your life , u taught me so many about life and scholastic me in cave . we will never forget those teachings”

I have no difference , so we will let a Queen contend it ! But we will Say while training me about your life , u taught me so many about life and scholastic me in cave . we will never forget those teachings

A post common by Jennifer Hudson (@iamjhud) on Aug 16, 2018 during 11:00am PDT

On Twitter, Diana Ross reflected on Franklin’s “wonderful golden spirit.”

Paul McCartney speedy his supporters to “take a impulse to give interjection for a pleasing life of Aretha Franklin, a Queen of a souls, who desirous us all for many many years.”

He continued: “She will be missed though a memory of her mass as a musician and a excellent tellurian being will live with us forever.” 

Gloria Estefan described Franklin as “the comprehensive zenith, a running light, a master for any lady that aspired to sing.”

For as prolonged as we can remember, Aretha Franklin has been a comprehensive zenith, a running light, a master for any lady that aspired to sing or even usually appreciated someone during a tip of their game. we was sanctified to have sung with her on some-more than one arise and any time we felt that we was in a participation of low-pitched kingship that would perpetually lift a bar and set a standard. Long live a Queen of Soul by her unusual unaccompanied voice and her memorable music. 💙💙💙 Desde que tengo uso de razón, Aretha Franklin ha sido el cenit absoluto, la luz de guia, la maestra para cualquier niña que soñaba criminal cantar o simplemente apreciaba a alguien en la cima de su profesión. Fui bendecida de poder cantar criminal ella en más de una ocasión y cada vez supe que estaba en la presencia de realeza low-pitched que por siempre elevaría el listón y marcaría el estándar. Que vivía la Reina de “Soul” a través de su voz extraordinaria y unaccompanied y su música indelible…💙🌻

A post common by Gloria Estefan (@gloriaestefan) on Aug 16, 2018 during 8:36am PDT

“I was sanctified to have sung with her on some-more than one arise and any time we felt that we was in a participation of low-pitched kingship that would perpetually lift a bar and set a standard,” she continued. “Long live a Queen of Soul by her unusual unaccompanied voice and her memorable music.”

Cissy Houston pronounced she would “deeply miss” Franklin in a matter to USA TODAY Thursday.

“I have famous Aretha for over 50 years, both professionally as her behind adult thespian and afterwards as a friend,” a matter continued. “We have common heartbreak, loss, as good as glorification and good delight and many importantly a mutual adore of God. Although my heart is broken, my essence rejoices that we was means to watch God pierce by Aretha’s life”

Celine Dion called her a “most soulful and inspirational thespian of a time.”

Former President Barack Obama remembered Franklin and praised her legacy. 

“Aretha helped conclude a American experience,” he wrote. “May a Queen of Soul rest in almighty peace.”

Former initial lady Michelle Obama also common a summary of remembrance. 

“Watching Aretha Franklin perform during a White House, and on so many other occasions, done time mount still,” she tweeted. “She will perpetually be a Queen of Soul.”

Gospel star Kirk Franklin wrote, “Long live a Queen.”

Tyra Banks shared, “Aretha Franklin succinct that extreme black lady essence with usually adequate hold of pain in her vibrato, to make any tellurian crawl down to those altered vocals that usually she could produce. May a heavens above scream with almighty pride, R-E-S-P-E-C-T!”

Zendaya shared: “Queen Aretha. Rest in Power.”

Usher pronounced Franklin “paved a approach for so many of us in music.” He added, “Her voice bequest will never be forgotten.”

Guns N’ Roses lead thespian Axl Rose said: “RESPECT 2 a Queen!!!”

“We’ll skip we Queen.” Oprah Winfrey common along with a print of her and a singer.

Ellen DeGeneres suggested herself to be a lifelong suitor of Franklin’s songs.

“I have desired Aretha Franklin’s strain my whole life, and her strain has played in a assembly for 15 years,” she tweeted. “My heart goes out to her family.”

Bryan Cranston marveled during how Franklin’s strain could fight a cloud of “vitriol and rancor.” 

“Thinking about Aretha, listening to her music, it helps us comparison to a aloft place,” he wrote. “A some-more honest place. Her voice feels like we’re being hugged.”

Snoop Dogg pronounced Franklin’s bequest “will never be forgotten.”

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright hailed a artist she felt “honored to know.” 

“Aretha Franklin was a Queen of Soul, and she was also an implausible envoy for American values and culture,” Albright tweeted. “In any dilemma of a globe, Aretha’s voice brought people fun and garnered some-more R-E-S-P-E-C-T for a country.”

Gladys Knight pronounced Franklin’s “music set a customary for any singular lady in this attention to arise to.”

“You have overwhelmed minds, hearts and spirits, including my own,” she wrote. “I urge we have a well-spoken tour Ree Ree and hopefully I’ll get to sing with we in a Heavenly choir. Love you.”

Sharing a integrate to Franklin’s “Mary, Don’t You Weep,” Pharrell pronounced he’d “been listening to this for a past integrate of days.”

He destined fans to “Listen to this, demeanour adult to a stars and know she is with a Master now.” 

Mariah Carey applauded “the ultimate singers’ singer.”

“The energy of your voice in strain and in polite rights blew open a doorway for me and so many others,” she tweeted. “You were my inspiration, my coach and my friend.”


First daughter Ivanka Trump called Franklin “an artistic talent and explorer whose present to a universe transcends time.”

Rod Stewart posted a shave where he called pity a theatre with Franklin “the prominence of my life.” The thespian tweeted, “Always desired you, always will @ArethaFranklin. Not usually a Queen of Soul though a black of all a hearts.”

Justin Timberlake common a photo of himself behaving with a singer.

“This is a face of a immature male who couldn’t trust he was indeed singing with a GREATEST OF ALL TIME,” he wrote. “Thank you, Ms. Franklin for blessing us with your exquisite gift. Honored to have common a theatre with we even for a moment. Always bowing down to you.”

Willie Nelson called Franklin a “greatest present and a voice of a generation.”

He added, “She could spin any strain into a hymn. She will be severely missed here on earth, though that rope in sky usually got a Angel.”

“No one did it better,” according to Lionel Richie. He added, “”Her voice; her presence; her character … Truly a Queen of Soul. we will skip you!”

Speaking to a iconic singer, Britney Spears pronounced “your bequest and strain will perpetually enthuse us and destiny generations.”

In a series of tweets, Don Cheadle removed a warn phone discuss he had with Franklin, a fan of the film in that he played Miles Davis, “Miles Ahead.”

“Her call meant as many or some-more to me than any enrich ever received,” Cheadle common with his followers. “There will never be about her like her. a definite g.o.a.t.! and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. freedom. freedom. leisure …”

“For me, she was a low-pitched lighthouse, running and moving with any note,” Bette Midler said. “I desired her so and adore her still.”

Thinking of her legacy, Steve Harvey tweeted: “Aretha paved a approach for so many good artists, over 6 decades of music. Thank we for all of your contributions.”

Motown Records owner Berry Gordy described Franklin as “a national value to everyone” in a matter to The Detroit Free Press.

“From observant her as a baby singing and personification during a piano during her father’s home, to her giving a rousing opening during a White House, she has always been amazing,” he continued. “No matter how a strain has altered over a years, she remained so relevant.”

“You sang and carried a spirits of all who listened you,” gushed Yusuf Islam, also famous as Cat Stevens. “May a almighty source of assent be your destination.”

Taraji P. Henson voiced her appreciation to Franklin for “feeding a souls for so long!!!”

Former clamp boss Al Gore lauded a artist’s ability to pierce people together. “@ArethaFranklin was a singular thread in a fabric of a nation’s history,” he said. “The Queen of Soul’s strain played a critical purpose in ordering this nation during some of a many perplexing times. She will be missed.”

Diddy called her “THE GOAT (Greatest of all time) THE QUEEN.”

Jennifer Nettles said, “As singers, we all aspire to her passion, authenticity, and power. Her talents, gifts and contributions altered hearts and overwhelmed lives. She was and stays a inhabitant treasure.”

Martha Reeves said, “The Lord has come to take my ‘Soul Sister’ home.”

She continued, “Aretha Franklin was a loyal Icon in Detroit and around a world. My prayers go out to a family during this time. Her bequest and loyalty will perpetually be remembered.”

The central Twitter comment for The Rolling Stones remembered Franklin’s absolute pipes. “Very unhappy to hear a news about Aretha, she was so moving and wherever we were she always brought we to church.”

Speaking as a songwriter, Billy Joel shared, “I know privately how suggestive a means interpreter of element can be. No one can reinstate her.”

Ariana Grande common a shave of Franklin singing, along with a heart and elementary message: “forever.”

Missy Elliott envisioned a sharp-witted unison above. “I suppose u in sky behaving still creation people souls move,” she tweeted.

Brian Wilson praised his associate artist. “She was one of a biggest and many romantic singers.”

Reflecting on her “sister in song,” Patti LaBelle tweeted a matter that read: “Today a universe has gifted a extensive loss. Aretha was a singular value whose unmatched low-pitched talent helped qualification a soundtrack to a lives of so many.”

Along with a video of her singing Franklin’s “Respect,” Reba McEntire shared, “I’ve had so many influences in my life, and one of them is a Queen of Soul. Rest In Peace, Aretha. I’ll sing this one for you.”

Tony Bennett, now 92, common a sketch from his 85th birthday behaving with “the Queen of Soul (and heart).” He added: “she will be missed by a world.”

Ringo Starr common his thoughts along with mixed emojis. “God magnify Aretha Franklin a black of essence and assent and adore to her family,” he wrote.

In a matter to USA TODAY Thursday, Neil Portnow, boss and CEO of a Recording Academy, described Franklin as “an exquisite artist who came to be famous as one of a many surpassing voices in music.”

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Along with a print of her and Franklin, Faith Hill wrote, “The choir of angels now have a biggest voice of all time to lead, regard and join in to sing before Jesus.”

“I wanted to share this print given it shows usually how soulful Aretha was though uttering a word,” she continued. “To contend we was shamed to be in her participation would be an understatement.”

In reverence to “longest crony in this world,” Smokey Robinson shared, “I will skip her so many though we know she’s during peace.”

Through her tears, Danielle Brooks shared a black and white print lucent beside Franklin.

“Hearing a news of her flitting has left me in tears though I’m beholden to God that we got to share this grin with her,” a “Orange Is a New Black” thespian wrote. “Thank we Aretha Franklin for withdrawal such an implausible bequest for generations among generations to mount on.”

With decorous mentions of her dear tunes, George Takei tweeted: “She done millions feel like healthy women, and she warranted a secure Respect with any performance. May Aretha Franklin’s voice ring now around a heavens.”

“There Will never be another,” Bernadette Peters declared. “Thank we for giving us all of you!!”

Speaking to a artist she described as “the ultimate queen,” Christina Aguilera tweeted: “thank we for a present of your voice, strain and unshakeable soul.”

“Her mythological voice came true from God. Now her essence is with Him,” tweeted Fergie.

Along with lyrics to Franklin’s “Natural Woman,” Ava DuVernay tweeted, “Her voice/swagger was peerless. Thank you, #ArethaFranklin.”

Carole King tweeted, “What a life. What a legacy! So many love, honour and gratitude. R.I.P.”

Gucci Mane also tweeted his condolences. “RIP Aretha Franklin,” he said.

Making a anxiety to a Franklin classic, thespian Debbie Allen tweeted: “We Will Always Love You Aretha We Will Always Speak Your Name And Give RESPECT.”

Lenny Kravitz lovingly announced to his followers: “The Queen of Soul has left this earth to lay on her bench in heaven. How sanctified we were to hear a best that God had to offer in her voice.”

“She means so many to me and was such an change on me with my music,” Kravitz told USA TODAY on Monday, observant he became tighten to Franklin after behaving with her in 2009. “I schooled so many from her, and we became accessible during that time. We would speak on a phone after that and speak about doing some things together.”

The detriment of @ArethaFranklin is a blow for everybody who loves genuine music,” Elton John wrote. “Music from a heart, a essence and a Church.”

Kelly Rowland wished a blithe rest for Franklin: “rest peacefully queen.”

Chance The Rapper posted lyrics from “I Say a Little Prayer” from Franklin’s album “Aretha Now” in 1968.

“Today we have mislaid one of a greatest,” Ricky Martin tweeted. “She will always be remembered and admired.”

Hillary Clinton also memorialized her “friend” on a amicable media site.

“She deserves not usually a RESPECT though also a durability thankfulness for opening a eyes, ears and hearts,” Clinton tweeted.

The Rev. Al Sharpton hoped supporters would “take a postponement currently to remember a life of a pleasing soul. “

“Her contributions are mythological both privately and societally,”  he shared.

John Legend gave a “Salute to a Queen.” He praised her as “The biggest vocalist I’ve ever known.”

A clearly repelled and broken-hearted Shonda Rhimes tweeted simply “Aretha.”

“Watch What Happens Live” horde Andy Cohen remarked, “There will never be another Queen of Soul,” job Franklin “the essence of a essence sanctified with a special gift.”

Sharing a print with Franklin from 2012, Barbra Streisand wrote, “It’s formidable to detect of a universe though her. Not usually was she a singly shining singer, though her joining to polite rights done an memorable impact on a world.”

John Stamos shared, “She was music. Soul, beauty and respect!”

“One of a highlights of my career was singing with #ArethaFranklin during The Tony Awards,” Hugh Jackman remembered of a 2005 performance. “It was an out of physique knowledge for me. One of biggest singers of all time. You will be missed by all.”

Idina Menzel bid her “idol” farewell with a touching tribute. “Every note we sang was pristine and authentic and pierced a hearts with fun and pain and life,” she posted.

Lena Waithe said, “The universe won’t be a same though we in it. You will always have a pinnacle respect.”

Jamie Lee Curtis common an aptly-worded message of remembrance. “R E S P E C T,” she tweeted.

Sterling K. Brown common a news with a hashtag “#RIPQueen.”

English DJ Tony Blackburn tweeted, “So contemptible to hear about a genocide of Aretha Franklin during a age of 76.I’ve been personification her annals given a 60’s and suspicion her strain was wonderful.”

Former Attorney General Eric Holder gushed over a musician. “Through her forlorn present and tough work she spoke for people too mostly though their possess voice,” he shared. “She – and her dexterity – were gifts to us from God.”

In reverence to a initial womanlike inducted, a central Twitter comment for a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame described Franklin as “an artist of passion, sophistication and command, whose recordings sojourn anthems that tangible essence music.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook likely “Her voice will keep lifting us, by a strain she gave a world.”

Sony Music’s Chief Creative Officer Clive Davis common that Franklin’s genocide left him “absolutely devastated. “

“She was truly one of a kind. She was some-more than a Queen of Soul,” he tweeted. “She was a inhabitant value to be loving by any era around a world.”

He added: “Apart from a prolonged maestro relationship, Aretha was my friend.  Her detriment is deeply surpassing and my heart is full of sadness.”

“You gave this universe so many light Love,” rapper Swizz Beatz recalled. 

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