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Jimmy Fallon impersonates Ryan Lochte during a VMAs

Beyoncé’s performance might have hijacked this year’s MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, though there were still awards to give out — namely, a climactic Video of a Year award. Before that, viewers were treated to a philharmonic of The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon bounding on theatre dressed as Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, finish with a signature painted hair and lane jacket. Fallon’s sense was predictably centered around Lochte’s new Olympic scandal, where a swimmer claimed to have been attacked during gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro until confidence camera footage and testimony valid him wrong. 

“Is it too late now to contend sorry?” Fallon said, regulating a new Justin Bieber strike to mock Lochte’s pointy decrease in open approval over a controversy. He afterwards claimed to have filmed all a Video of a Year nominees: “I had a 30-way with Kanye West. we made Lemonade with Queen Bey. I’m Reezy with a good hair!”

Perhaps no one was some-more astounded by Fallon’s satire than Lochte’s Olympic teammate Michael Phelps, who said, “Oh my god!” as he took out his phone to film a bit from a stands. Phelps had formerly introduced Future’s performance progressing in a night.

Fallon resolved his introduction by derisive a specifics of Lochte’s built story: “Who had a Best Video of a year? I can’t tell we that. we couldn’t tell we even if there was a gun to my head, which there isn’t, though I still couldn’t choose.”

Luckily, conjunction Fallon nor Lochte had to choose. The endowment for Video of a Year went to Beyoncé for “Formation.”



Article source: http://www.ew.com/article/2016/08/28/jimmy-fallon-ryan-lochte-vmas