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John McCain Will No Longer Be Treated for Brain Cancer, Family Says

For decades, Mr. McCain advocated on interest of refugees and was a heading — if few — Republican voice in a handful of efforts to renovate a American immigration system. Mr. Trump has attempted to particularly extent both.

Though he was incompetent to opinion on a Republican taxation cut check late final year, a tip Trump priority, Mr. McCain’s publicity helped secure a passage.

Still, conjunction male has hold behind from airing those differences, mostly with bruising consequences.

As a candidate, Mr. Trump plainly pronounced he did not cruise Mr. McCain a fight hero, observant he elite “people who weren’t captured.” Since Mr. McCain helped kill a Republican bid to dissolution a Affordable Care Act, Mr. Trump has done mimicking a Arizona Republican’s thumbs-down opinion a tack of his branch speeches.

“That was not a good thing when he put a ride down,” Mr. Trump pronounced during one convene in June.

And this month, when Mr. Trump sealed into law a large invulnerability process check named after Mr. McCain, t he boss done no discuss of a senator and authority of a Armed Services Committee.

Mr. McCain has not hold his tongue either. In his final book, “The Restless Wave,” published in May, Mr. McCain neatly criticized Mr. Trump’s dignified character, warning opposite his apparent indebtedness for strict leaders and his pointy crackdown on immigration. After Mr. Trump clearly supposed Mr. Putin’s rejection of Russian choosing interference, Mr. McCain penned a peppery statement, job a limit “one of a many infamous performances by an American boss in memory.”

Mr. McCain has done transparent he intends to sojourn a senator until his death. It will tumble to Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona, a Republican, to designate his inheritor to offer by 2020. The choice is not indispensably a elementary one. The state already has an open competition to reinstate Senator Jeff Flake, who is retiring, in Nov and a rival Republican primary scheduled for subsequent Tuesday.

Mr. Ducey could name Representative Martha McSally, a comparatively assuage former Air Force warrior commander who is using in a Republican primary to reinstate Mr. Flake. In doing so, he would safeguard that Ms. McSally, a favorite of Republicans in Washington, would have a chair in a Senate.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/24/us/politics/john-mccain-brain-cancer.html