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Joint Exercises Prompt New Nuclear Threat from North Korea

North Korea warned it would make a “preemptive and descent chief strike” in response to corner U.S.-South Korean troops exercises set to start Monday.

The news was announced in a matter by a National Defense Commission of North Korea and published in a state-run Korean Central News Agency.

“As a corner troops exercises to be staged by a enemies are regarded as a many undisguised chief fight drills directed to transgress on a government of a DPRK, a troops counter-attack will be some-more preemptive and descent chief strike to cope with them,” a matter read.

The hostile difference are standard of North Korea and are to be approaching around a annual corner troops exercises, according to CNN’s Paula Hancocks.

“They (North Korea) have threatened this before, and these kinds of threats are to be approaching this time of year,” she said.

Hancocks remarkable that tensions this year are even aloft than normal following new movement during a United Nations.

The Security Council voted final week to levy an array of sanctions opposite North Korea since of that nation’s new chief exam and barb launch, both of that defied general sanctions. The fortitude that brought about a sanctions aims to ravage a mercantile factors that fuel a North’s chief and ballistic barb programs.

The North Korean news group has bloody a sanctions as “unprecedented and gangster-like.”

Article source: http://fox40.com/2016/03/06/joint-exercises-bring-new-nuclear-threat-from-north-korea/