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Jury Hears Closing Arguments As Dramatic ‘El Chapo’ Trial Nears Its End

U.S. law coercion crew chaperon Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán from a craft to a watchful train of SUVs during New York’s Long Island MacArthur Airport in Jan 2017.

U.S. law coercion around AP

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U.S. law coercion around AP

U.S. law coercion crew chaperon Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán from a craft to a watchful train of SUVs during New York’s Long Island MacArthur Airport in Jan 2017.

U.S. law coercion around AP

The hearing for Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, who stands indicted of heading one of a world’s many barbarous drug trafficking organizations, has unfolded like a radio drama.

In laying out her shutting justification on Wednesday — day 37 of a hearing — Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrea Goldbarg presented a jury with a montage of images and intercepted audio which, she said, categorically laid out how drugs were transported, how military were paid off and how assault coursed by a conglomeration with Guzmán during a helm.

“You listened it from his possess words,” she told a jurors, restraining a recordings and weeks of declare testimony to her routine presentation. “This is a suspect regulating his empire.”

Guzmán jotted down records on a yellow pad and upheld them to his authorised team, during one indicate appearing to run out of paper.

The day started with a line of reporters during a Brooklyn, N.Y., courthouse. Prosecutors brought 14 vast card boxes, AK-47s, bazookas, a bullet-proof vest and a La Comadre chili can.

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Guzmán’s hearing began in November, and a 61-year-old primarily faced a 17-count indictment. The depends were after reduced to 10 and credit him of heading a rapist enterprise, trafficking drugs from South America to a United States, laundering a deduction and regulating firearms.

He faces life in jail if convicted.

For weeks, sovereign prosecutors have called dozens of witnesses to a stand, portrayal a design of a cruel kingpin whose unlawful career took off in a 1980s and strengthened amid bribes, kidnapping, woe and assassinations.

One witness, a bodyguard and hit-man, told jurors Guzmán privately kick and executed victims – including a male who was shot and “was still panting for air” when workers buried him.

Vicente Zambada Niebla, a son of Guzmán’s former business partner Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, pronounced in justice that his father had a monthly bill of adult to $1 million for profitable off hurtful officials in Mexico.

Christian Rodriguez, an IT specialist, described how he set adult encrypted communications and view program for Guzmán to obsessively guard his wife, a mistress and conglomeration workers. Rodriguez subsequently cooperated with a FBI to exhibit a messages he had helped to conceal.

Prosecutors common recordings in that Guzmán could be listened instructing workers to make certain allies in a military force were paid and not dismissed from their jobs.

Prosecutors also common text messages with his wife, Emma Coronel Aispuro, as a integrate discussed drug bootlegging and law coercion evasion, as good as their twin daughters. “I’m going to give her an AK-47 so she can hang with me,” he pronounced about one of his daughters.

A former drug conglomeration vital testified that Guzmán’s mother played a vital purpose in a drug lord’s shun from Mexico’s Altiplano jail in 2015, “giving us his messages” on her husband’s behalf.

Another associate, Alex Cifuentes, told a justice that his trainer paid former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto $100 million to call off a countrywide hunt for Guzmán. Peña Nieto, who has denied holding bribes, primarily asked for $250 million, Cifuentes testified.

He also pronounced a drug duke dreamed of directing a movie about his life years ago. He had hired a Colombian writer and approaching an concomitant book.

The testimonies gave discernment into how a conglomeration operated. “We schooled how a conglomeration used submarines to filch drugs adult from Colombia to Mexico,” New York Times contributor Alan Feuer told NPR. “We schooled that they afterwards crossed those drugs into a United States in all from trains with tip compartments to tractor trailers where a drugs were pressed in between pallets of solidified meat.”

Despite some-more than 50 witnesses called by a charge over several weeks, Guzmán’s invulnerability display lasted only 30 minutes. Lawyers called a single witness — FBI representative Paul Roberts, who discussed records relating to an informant.

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The charge also submitted a document that claimed Guzmán had been $20 million in debt, not accurately a rich conglomeration mastermind.

Guzmán himself told a justice he would not to testify.

At a trial’s start, one of his invulnerability lawyers, Jeffrey Lichtman, argued that El Chapo was a “mythical” figure who had been framed by Ismael Zambada, a loyal conduct of a Sinaloa cartel. He also indicted a Mexican supervision of holding bribes, that a orator called totally fake and defamatory.

U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan told Lichtman, “Your opening matter handed out a promissory note that your box is not going to cash.” Cogan postulated a charge suit to forestall a invulnerability from claiming that Zambada paid off a Mexican supervision to aim Guzmán.

Defense lawyers attempted to chip divided during witnesses’ credibility. Most had confessed to crimes they were formerly charged with before a invulnerability could display them.

As a Los Angeles Times reported, many witnesses pronounced they approaching their sentences to be reduced for giving testimony. Some pronounced they were on a mount since they hated Guzmán for perplexing to kill them.

At one indicate in a trial, Guzman waved during Mexican actor Alejandro Edda, who plays him in a Netflix array Narcos. He had come to watch a drug duke with a crowd.

Guzmán pleaded not guilty in 2017, after he was extradited from Mexico. Prior to a extradition, he transient from jail dual times: once purportedly in a washing cart, and once through a mile-long tunnel that his associates personally excavated.

The act of transporting Guzmán to a Brooklyn, N.Y., building has been elaborate: any time he leaves a correctional trickery in Manhattan, a government assembles scores of U.S. marshals and other law coercion officers. He moves in a motorcade of noted and unmarked military cars, armored cars and other puncture response vehicles. The supervision orders a shutting of a Brooklyn Bridge and repeats a routine as a train returns.

Security during a building has heightened, with snipers, drug-sniffing dogs and a sovereign organise patrolling a courtroom, Feuer told NPR.

Judge Cogan chose to strengthen a identity of a jurors for their safety.

“Given a assemblage of a justification that’s come opposite so far, it’s tough to see them holding prolonged to [reach] a guilty verdict,” Keegan Hamilton, U.S. editor for Vice News, told NPR.

The invulnerability is approaching to make shutting arguments on Thursday, followed by a prosecutors’ come-back and a jury’s deliberations.

NPR Correspondent Quil Lawrence contributed to this report.

Article source: https://www.npr.org/2019/01/30/689896855/jury-hears-closing-arguments-as-dramatic-el-chapo-trial-nears-its-end