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Jury mulls predestine of suspect in New Hampshire prep propagandize rape trial

CONCORD, N.H. A New Hampshire jury is set to start a initial full day of deliberations on Friday in a hearing of Owen Labrie, a former tyro during an chosen prep propagandize indicted of raping a 15-year-old beginner lady on campus days before his graduation.

The trial, that began final week, has unprotected worried aspects of a enlightenment of St. Paul’s School, a scarcely 160-year-old academy whose alumni embody absolute U.S. business and domestic leaders such as Secretary of State John Kerry.

The purported plant concurred similar to a “senior salute” in May 2014 – a long-standing tradition among students that concerned seniors mouth-watering underclassmen to get together before graduation, mostly for passionate purposes.

Prosecutors argued that Labrie, 19, went many serve than a lady wanted to go and abandoned her signals to stop.

Labrie testified that their encounter, in a appurtenance room on a tip building of a propagandize building, was wholly consensual, and that he stopped before carrying intercourse, revelation a jury: “It wouldn’t have been a good choice for me to make.”

But a girl, who was on a mount for some-more than dual days during a start of a trial, confirmed that Labrie aggressively kept pulling her until she was “frozen” in fear and incompetent to resist.

“I was raped, we was disregarded in so many ways,” a lady pronounced by tears final week.

A pivotal member of a hearing has been a online communications between Labrie and a girl, as good as with his friends before and after a purported assault.

Labrie’s attorneys forked to messages display a lady continued to promulgate affectionately with him immediately after their encounter.

The lady supposed Labrie’s comparison salute with a stipulation, in French, that it be their “little secret,” according to one message.

Prosecutors, meanwhile, seized on Facebook messages Labrie wrote to his tighten friends braggadocio that he had sex with a girl, revelation one that he succeeded in doing so by pulling “every pretence in a book.”

The jury of 9 group and 3 women is weighing 9 charges opposite Labrie, a many critical of that are 3 depends of passionate attack on a teenager that any lift limit sentences of 20 years in prison.

(Reporting by Ted Siefer; Editing by Scott Malone and Eric Beech)

Article source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/08/28/us-usa-crime-new-hampshire-idUSKCN0QX17U20150828