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Justin Fairfax Faces Eroding Support from Democrats After New Accuser Speaks

“Everything she pronounced in her matter was accurately what she told me when we talked,” pronounced Diane L. Rosenfeld, a first executive of a Gender Violence Program during Harvard Law School, who pronounced Dr. Tyson told her of a purported attack in Dec 2017.

“She’s not doing this for any fame,” Dr. Rosenfeld added. “She’s not suing him for money, so disbelievers and doubters can’t say, ‘Oh, she only wants money.’ She only wants, as she says, a Virginia electorate to know who this chairman is.”

Dr. Tyson has declined to give an talk to The Times. She has pronounced she was spurred to come brazen by a fulfilment that Mr. Fairfax competence shortly turn Virginia governor.

In her statement, Dr. Tyson described a forced passionate confront with Mr. Fairfax in a Boston hotel room while a dual were operative during a Democratic National Convention in 2004. It began with kissing that was “not unwelcome,” she said, though fast escalated into non-consensual verbal sex.

At a time of a purported assault, Dr. Tyson was volunteering during a Boston rape predicament center. She had helped start a center’s Survivor Speakers Bureau, where she common her story about being intimately abused as a child.

In apart interviews Thursday and Friday, 5 friends of Dr. Tyson pronounced she told them of a confront possibly in late 2017, early 2018 or final fall. On Friday, after The Times published a essay on Dr. Tyson’s supporters, a sixth lady came brazen to contend Dr. Tyson had also confided in her. Susan J. McWilliams, a politics highbrow during Pomona College in California, pronounced that in a review around a time of Mr. Fairfax’s choosing as major administrator in 2017, Dr. Tyson told her that he had assaulted her during a 2004 convention.

“I did not know who Justin Fairfax was,” Dr. McWilliams said. “And we immediately went home and Googled him.”

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/08/us/politics/meredith-watson-justin-fairfax.html