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Kalamazoo shootings: What we know

What we know:

The gunman shot 8 people in 3 opposite tools of a county Saturday evening, authorities said.

Around 5:42 p.m., he shot a lady in front of her children during an unit formidable parking lot, prosecutor Jeffrey Getting said. The lady was struck mixed times though is approaching to survive.

Four hours later, a gunman killed a father and son during a automobile dealership, military said.

Minutes after that, he gathering to a Cracker Barrel grill and non-stop glow in a parking lot, murdering 4 women and wounding a 14-year-old girl.

“These were really counsel killings,” Getting said. “This wasn’t brisk in any way, figure or form.”

What we don’t know:

How a gunman chose a victims.

“This is your misfortune calamity — when we have somebody only pushing around incidentally murdering people,” Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Paul Matyas told CNN associate WOOD-TV.

Kalamazoo Public Safety Chief Jeff Hadley pronounced a clearly pointless preference of victims creates a uproar even some-more formidable to cope with.

“There is this clarity of loss, annoy (and) fear,” he said. “On tip of that, how do we tell a families of these victims that they were not targeted for any other reason than they were a target?”

The consider

What we know:

Two hours after a final shooting, military found their suspect: 45-year-old Jason Brian Dalton. He was arrested but occurrence in downtown Kalamazoo. Police also seized a arms from his car.

Jason Brian Dalton was arrested in in a Kalamazoo sharpened rampage.

Dalton was pushing for Uber a night of a shootings and even picked adult and forsaken off passengers between attacks, a source with trust of a review told CNN.

Matt Melle told CNN associate WWMT he rode in Dalton’s automobile only before a shootings started.

“We got about a mile from my house, and he got a write call. After that call, he started pushing erratically, using stop signs,” Mellen told a affiliate.

Uber’s arch confidence officer told CNN that Dalton upheld a credentials check. Police also pronounced Dalton had not rapist record.

“For all intents and purposes, he was your normal Joe,” a open reserve arch said. “This was random.”

What we don’t know:

Who that phone call was from, and possibly it competence have played a purpose in a rampage.

The victims

What we know:

Police have not expelled a name of a lady bleeding in front of her children during a unit complex.

Tyler Smith, 17, was killed along with his father Saturday night.

Richard Smith, 53, and his son Tyler, 17, were looking during a automobile during a automobile dealership when both were shot and killed, military said.

The 4 women killed during a Cracker Barrel parking lot were already in dual vehicles when they were shot. Authorities identified them as Dorothy Brown, 74; Barbara Hawthorne, 68; Mary Lou Nye, 62; and Mary Jo Nye, 60.

A 14-year-old lady who was in a newcomer chair of one of a vehicles was struck and is in “very, really vicious condition,” Hadley said.

What we don’t know:

How many some-more victims competence have been killed if military didn’t locate a suspect.

“There is only no doubt some-more people would have died if (police) didn’t find him when they did,” Getting, a prosecutor, said.

The ground

What we know:

Police contend they don’t consider a shootings were acts of terrorism.

Four women were killed in a parking lot of this Cracker Barrel restaurant.

“We have no reason to trust this was connected to terrorism or something more,” a open reserve arch said. “We trust he acted alone.”

Under sovereign law, “terrorism” refers to a aroused or dangerous crime that appears to be dictated to possibly (1) dominate or require a municipal population; (2) change supervision process by danger or coercion; or (3) impact supervision control by mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping, constitutional counsel Page Pate wrote.

What we don’t know:

Virtually all else about a motive.

“We only can’t figure out a motive,” pronounced Hadley, a open reserve chief. “There’s zero that gives us any denote as to because he would do this or what would have triggered this. The victims did not know him; he did not know a victims.”

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