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Kanye West Calls Donald Trump ‘My Brother’ in New Tweets: ‘The Mob Can’t Make Me Not Love Him’

Kanye West‘s tweets have taken a political turn.

After explaining because he’s cut ties with his managers and enthusiastically deliberating his Yeezy attire association on Wednesday, a 40-year-old rapper seemed to uncover some support for President Donald Trump.

“You don’t have to determine with trump [sic] though a host can’t make me not adore him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother,” he wrote. “I adore everyone. we don’t determine with all anyone does. That’s what creates us individuals. And we have a right to eccentric thought.”

West continued, “If your crony jumps off a overpass we don’t have to do a same. Ye being Ye is a quarrel for we to be you. For people In my life a suspicion of Trump is flattering many a 50 50 separate though we don’t tell a Hillary believer not to support Hillary we adore Hillary too.”

West also mentioned former boss Barack Obama in his tweets on Wednesday, writing, “Obama was in bureau for 8 years and zero in Chicago changed.” (Both West and Obama call Chicago their hometowns.)

Soon after, West called Trump “one of his favorite people” in a print that also featured Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

The star pronounced he valued autonomy over a domestic party.

“I adore when people have their possess ideas. You don’t have to be authorised anymore. Just be. Love who we wish to love. That’s giveaway thought,” he tweeted. “I’m not even political. I’m not a democrat or a republican.”

West also added, “no competition sacrament segment or domestic celebration can disagree with a energy of love.”

A brief while later, West pronounced that he had oral to his mother Kim Kardashian West about his prior tweets.

“My mother usually called me and she wanted me to make this transparent to everyone,” he wrote. “I don’t determine with all Trump does. we don’t determine 100% with anyone though myself.”

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Trump after responded to West, tweeting “Thank we Kanye, unequivocally cool!”

West suggested during a Nov 2016 unison in San Jose, California, that he didn’t opinion in a presidential election, though he would have put his support behind Trump.

After receiving “boos” from a crowd, the hostess launched into his 2008 strike “Heartless,” usually to abruptly stop usually moments into a lane to continue his rant.

“I usually pronounced that we would have voted for Donald Trump and afterwards we did a strain and y’all sang it during a tip of y’all lungs,” he said. “That doesn’t meant that you’re a Trump supporter. That usually means we excellent with a luminary carrying their possess opinion – or that someone else is excellent to have their possess opinion. That competence not be your opinion and we can still like that chairman or still like that person’s music.”

A month later, West met with a afterwards president-elect during Trump Tower in New York City to plead “multicultural issues.” The hostess combined that he felt “it is critical to have a approach line of communication with a destiny President if we truly wish change.”

“We’ve been friends for a prolonged time,” a business noble told reporters as he acted for photos with a rapper. He combined that a span met to plead “life.”

Donald Trump and Kanye West

In further to slicing off friends and group members recently, insiders contend West also had multiple arguments with his mother-in-law Kris Jenner.

“He’s had outrageous blow-ups with Kris. She sees how haphazard he’s behaving and is many endangered about her daughter’s brand. She’s also perplexing to be a good mother-in-law, so he’s carrying bomb issues with her too,” a source tighten to a conditions told PEOPLE exclusively on Tuesday. “Everyone is really, unequivocally worried.”

Despite a fights, mixed sources tells PEOPLE that West’s behavior, while alarming, doesn’t arise to a turn of being dangerous — and that Kardashian West is doing her best to be supportive.

“Kim is perplexing to control him and a situation, though he can’t be controlled,” says a source about a couple, who are relatives to 3-month-old Chicago, Saint, 2, and North, 4½. “She’s perplexing her best to support him on amicable media and uncover a opposite side of things, though it’s usually not working.”

“I need to be clear: everybody is protected around him,” adds a friend. “Kanye says that she’s doing great, that she’s a partial of his process. He loves her unequivocally much, and he’s unequivocally vehement about a kids, as well, all of them. He talks about them nonstop. So if we take what he says during face value, everything’s excellent during home. But Kim is right to be concerned.”

A repute for a Kardashians and a Jenners did not immediately lapse PEOPLE’s ask for comment.

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