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Kate Spade’s Family ‘Disgusted’ After Designer’s Sister Claims Suicide ‘Wasn’t Unexpected’: Source

Kate Spade‘s family are during contingency after a late designer’s death on Tuesday during age 55.

Spade’s comparison sister Reta Brosnahan Saffo, 57, done statements to mixed outlets on Tuesday night observant she believes her sister suffered from a mental illness for a series of years and that Spade’s self-murder “was not astonishing by me.”

However, a source tighten to a family claims Brosnahan Saffo has prolonged been disloyal from her engineer sister, whom a source says was as a “kind, generous, funny, comfortable and intensely private person.”

“The family is troubled and saddened that during this time of good sorrow, Kate’s sister who has been disloyal from a whole family for some-more than 10 years would select to aspect with unsubstantiated comments,” a source pronounced to PEOPLE. “Her statements paint a design of someone who didn’t know her during all.”

Kate Spade

Brosnahan Saffo, however, reportedly told her internal paper The Kansas City Star around email that she and Spade spoke on a phone for “6 to 7 hours” on finish before to Spade’s death.

Brosnahan Saffo emailed that her sister had suffered “three to 4 years of mental illness” and “chickened out” from mixed attempts to find treatment.

“I will contend [Kate’s suicide] was not astonishing by me,” Brosnahan Saffo wrote in her sell with The Star, to that she certified holding a opiate before vocalization with her hometown newspaper. “Sometimes we simply can't SAVE people from themselves!”

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According to Brosnahan Saffo, her late kin was “concerned how hospitalization competence mistreat a picture of a easygoing Kate Spade brand,” and had “eventually became full-on manic depressive” due to a “stress and pressure” of her empire.

Manic basin is a tenure once used to discribe bipolar disorder.

Kate Spade

Brosnahan Saffo reached out to her internal paper primarily to scold a approach it had created Spade’s childhood name, Katy. She was asked to pronounce about her sister with a announcement around phone though said, as she was sedated, email was best. It’s misleading what stairs a paper took to endorse Saffo’s identity. However, she has formerly seemed in The Star.

In a email, Brosnahan Saffo wrote she had attempted to get her sister to find diagnosis for her mental illness.

“[Kate] was all set to go — though afterwards chickened out by morning,” Brosnahan Saffo said, recalling one instance of perplexing to take a dear purse creator to a “same place Catherine Zeta-Jones went for her successful bipolar diagnosis program.”

Brosnahan Saffo added, “I’d come so VERY tighten to removing her to go in for treatment. … We’d get sooo tighten to make-up her bags, though — in a end, a ‘image’ of her code (happy-go-lucky Kate Spade) was some-more critical for her to keep up. She was really disturbed about what people would contend if they found out.”

Brosnahan Saffo suggested her sister had a “plan [to take her possess life] already set in motion” as Spade was “fixated” when news pennyless of Robin Williams genocide in Aug 2014.

“We were freaked out/saddened though she kept examination it and examination it over and over. we consider a devise was already in suit even as distant behind as then,” pronounced Safo, who minute how her sister was during a hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico when she saw a radio news news of Williams’ genocide that was ruled a self-murder by asphyxiation.

Brosnahan Saffo also common one of a final conversations she pronounced she had with her sister.

“One of a final things she pronounced to me was, ‘Reta, we know we hatred funerals and don’t attend them, though for me would we PLEASE come to MINE, during least. Please!’ we know she maybe had a plan, though she insisted she did not,” she recalled.

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Saffo also expelled a matter to CBS New York and Daily Mail that read: “My small sister Katy was a precious, changed small person. Genuine in roughly each way. She was surrounded by YES people, for distant too long, therefore she did not accept a correct caring for what we trust to be (and attempted countless times to get assistance for) Bipolar disorder… stemming from her measureless celebrity. She never approaching it — nor was she scrupulously prepared for it. Unfortunately, untreated, it finally took a fee on her.”

Police reliable Spade was found unresolved from a red headband Tuesday morning in her bedroom during her and Andy’s Park Avenue home in Manhattan. The headband had reportedly been tied to her door. Her father Andy was in a unit during a time of his wife’s death while their 13-year-old daughter Frances Beatrix was during school, as reported by the Associated Press.

A housekeeper detected her, according to a military source, and she left a suicide note addressed to their usually child Frances.

If we or someone we know is deliberation suicide, greatfully hit a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline during 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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