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Kevin Love into concussion custom after holding bend to head

12:07 AM ET

OAKLAND, Calif. — Kevin Love suffered a concussion after an bend to a conduct by Harrison Barnes in Game 2 of a NBA Finals on Sunday night in a Cleveland Cavaliers’ 110-77 detriment to a Golden State Warriors.

Love’s standing for Wednesday’s Game 3 is adult in a atmosphere as he will be compulsory to enter the league’s concussion protocol. The Warriors took a 2-0 lead in a array with a win.

Barnes collided with Love as a dual went for an descent miscarry with 5 mins remaining in a second quarter. There was no tainted called on a play.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are headed home and looking for answers after a 110-77 subjection by a Warriors in Game 2 of a NBA Finals.

  • Warriors whip Cavaliers; adult 2-0 in NBA Finals

    The repeat championship a Golden State Warriors have oral of given a start of a deteriorate some-more than 8 months ago is unexpected dual wins from apropos reality.

  • Love stayed on a belligerent for several mins while play continued.

    A Cavs jaunty tutor and group alloy evaluated Love on a building after a strike and on a bench. They did not detect concussion symptoms.

    Love came behind into a diversion and subsequently strike a 3-pointer, heading a group to feel he was means to continue playing.

    In a third entertain he became irrational and presented concussion symptoms. He was taken to a locker room and diagnosed with a concussion.

    NBA officials pronounced a group followed concussion standards.

    If a actor is suspected of carrying a concussion, joining manners call for contrast before he can lapse to a floor. If a actor doesn’t pass a tests, he contingency enter a concussion protocol. Love will not be means to lapse until he is symptom-free and can pass tests that accommodate baselines he determined in preseason testing.

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