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Kingfisher Readers L4: Spiders – Deadly Predators

LEVEL 4: READING ALONEA greater variety of language and types of information than at level 3. More challenging vocabulary is introduced. Sentences remain clear, interesting, and unambiguous, but are slightly more complex.Guided Reading Levels: N, OKingfisher Readers L4: Spiders – Deadly Predators by Claire LlewellynThere are billions of spiders living around us. Some are microscopic and some are bigger than your head! From a spiders eating habits to its defense tactics, and from deadly species to the spiders that help humans, this book sheds light on how spiders are both remarkable and creepy. The content-area vocabulary, magnified photographs, and rich topical information, helps children build their intermediate reading skills while absorbing fascinating facts about all things arachnid.Price:  $    Read More and Buy it here!

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