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Kitten travels 300 miles in Navy pilot’s car

Well, this automobile positively purrs.

A warrior commander for a United Kingdom reportedly found a kitten inside his BMW’s fender after travelling 300 miles.

The pilot, Lt. Nick Grimmer, pronounced he listened meowing from his automobile after roving from Birmingham Airport. After he arrived during a Royal Air Station in Cornwall, he finally found a cat in a bumper.

His colleagues from a 814 Naval Air Squadron famous as a Flying Tigers named a kitten, fittingly, Tigger, the BBC reported.

While associate airmen demeanour for a owner, a cat has turn something of a mascot and enjoys sleeping in a pilot’s helmet.

Commander Brendan Spoors, a autocratic officer, told The Birmingham Mail he would be happy to adopt a cat and likened a adoption to identical traditions on naval ships. But he did indoctrinate a officers to continue looking for a owner.

“Tigger contingency have an owners somewhere between here and Birmingham and we are penetrating to locate them. we educated my group to launch ‘Operation Tiger Kitten.'”

Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2016/06/15/kitten-travels-300-miles-in-navy-pilots-car.html