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Kremlin Rejects Working Group to Mend Russia-Turkey Relations

The Kremlin has deserted a origination of a dedicated operative organisation directed during normalizing family between Russia and Turkey, a Interfax news organisation reported Monday.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu due a thought during a press discussion in Antalya progressing on Monday. His matter was seen as a response to debate done by Russian President Vladimir Putin final week in Greece, observant that a Russian supervision was watchful for Ankara to take “concrete movement to solve a situation.”

“Putin pronounced that he wanted us to take stairs to resume a relationship. We also wish a attribute to normalize,” pronounced Cavusoglu. “We are proposing a corner operative organisation to assistance us take those steps. We will be means to find a common trail to normalization. It’s not an unsolvable problem.”

The Kremlin fast discharged a idea, progressing that a resolution was not a corner endeavor, though contingent on Turkish actions.

“No operative organisation can solve these problems. It is something that usually a Turkish supervision can move about,” pronounced presidential orator Dmitry Peskov. “He [President Vladimir Putin] has done a position transparent enough.”

Tensions between Russia and Turkey have increasing dramatically after a Russian fighter-jet was downed by Turkish army in Nov 2015. Moscow maintains that a jet was in Syrian atmosphere space, while Ankara says that a craft did not respond to several warnings after it encroached on Turkish territory.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/571056.html