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Kris Jenner and Tokyo Toni Put Their Differences Aside as Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Welcome Daughter Dream


Welcome to a (TV) world, Dream Renée Kardashian!

On Sunday’s Rob Chyna’s Baby Special, Rob Kardashian and his fiancée Blac Chyna welcomed their daughter on-camera for a universe to see. While a two have been on quite a emotional drum coaster after an explosive Instagram hack this weekend (see a finish timeline of a play here), it was all adore during the hourlong special, that chronicled Dream’s Nov. 10 birth during Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

The partial non-stop with Rob, 29, and Chyna, 28, deliberating their birth options. Chyna formerly welcomed her son King Cairo, now 4, whom she shares with ex Tyga, around cesarean territory and was meddlesome in undergoing a same procedure with her daughter. However, Rob wanted her to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) because he wants her to be means to have some-more kids in a future, and repeat C-sections can emanate complications.

In further to a C-section debate, a dual were also during contingency over their vital situation: They were now vital during Chyna’s house, though Rob was concerned to pierce into their new home together. Chyna, however was wavering to pierce until after a baby given she didn’t wish them holding on too most during once.

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All of that aside, however, a dual were in a good place and looking brazen to welcoming their initial child together.

“In a commencement of a relationship, we went by a drum coaster,” pronounced Chyna as flashbacks from a thespian initial deteriorate of Rob Chyna unfolded. “But given we guys have final seen us, we’ve kind of been chilling out, relaxing and scheming for a baby.”

“We’re in a unequivocally good place,” combined Rob. “Ever given we started communicating a problems to any other, it’s been unequivocally healthy.”

Chyna had a few other reasons to smile: in further to being a unapproachable owners of one very darling sonogram and anticipating out her pregnancy was going along smoothly, her whole family had flown in to be there for a birth. That enclosed her best friends, as good as her 3 sisters and mom Tokyo Toni.

“I’m usually happy she gets to suffer her week … with her friends and her mom staying with her,” pronounced Rob with a smile. “I’ll be fine. A garland of women [around] doesn’t shock me!”

But, of course, there was tension brewing underneath a aspect as Chyna began to worry about who would be in a room when she delivered a baby — and a fact that her mom Toni was fundamentally going to be face-to-face with Rob’s mom Kris Jenner. Though a dual formerly met a few years ago, they hadn’t interacted given Chyna’s ex Tyga went open with his attribute with Rob’s sister Kylie Jenner soon after violation off his rendezvous with Chyna — and before Kylie was even 18 yet. As we can imagine, that combined a few waves, and Toni — never one to reason behind — bloody the KarJenner family for all to see on social media. (Still with us? If we need a refresher on a Chyna/Tyga/Kylie/Rob drama, we can locate adult here.)

“With mom, we never unequivocally know her mood,” pronounced Chyna nervously. “You usually never know with Toni. we would adore for my mom and Miss Kris to be in a room together, but them saying any other face-to-face could pierce a lot of drama.”

Meanwhile, Rob was doing his best to reconnect with his aged friends, generally a ones that are now dads, saying as he was about to turn one. The father-to-be strike adult a sharpened operation with a few of the guys, and after a heart-to-heart with one of them, he finally concluded to wait to pierce into a new residence until after Chyna gave birth.

“I unequivocally wish Chyna to have a happy and healthy stress-free pregnancy,” he said. “Maybe we have to wait until a baby is home … afterwards we’ll pierce solemnly into this new residence together.”

Up next, a integrate distinguished Chyna’s baby shower with all of her friends, her mom and King. Despite a fact that Rob’s family was in Paris for conform week and incompetent to attend, Chyna was over a moon with all of a “surreal” fad — generally given she never got to knowledge anything like a maternity shoot or a baby showering during her pregnancy with King as she was gripping it underneath wraps.

After a shower, Chyna found out the baby still hadn’t forsaken and was forced to report a C-section. Rob was unhappy though bargain — though Chyna’s worries weren’t over yet. As the due date loomed closer, she finally motionless it was time to present a theme of Kris with her mother.

“I’m worried, given infrequently you’re a bit much,” she told Toni. “Sometimes we dominate people.”

Toni, for her part, wasn’t accurately apologetic, that usually stressed Chyna out even more.

“The disastrous energy— we usually can’t,” she said. “I know my mom’s celebrity and we usually don’t want anybody else to get annoyed by her given they don’t understand her.”

Finally, a day came for a much-anticipated meeting during Kris’ house. Though moving during initial — as Chyna puts it, a dual women are indeed “totally conflicting people” — a mood eventually lightened when Toni offering Kris a event to be in a smoothness room instead of her. (In further to Rob, usually one other family member was permitted.)

“This is Rob’s initial baby,” pronounced Toni. “I saw King and if it’s usually dual people that can be in there, I’m pacific to scapegoat [myself] so that we can be in there with Rob. we know Rob a small bit, and he wants his mom.”

“That unequivocally was so heartwarming,” pronounced Kris. “You don’t know that many people that would be as selfless. It unequivocally was an olive bend and we suspicion it was cool.”

The day eventually arrived, and Rob and Chyna packaged adult their bags to make their approach to a sanatorium together.

“It is flattering surreal and amazing that in a few hours I’m going to be a dad,” he confessed. “I’m usually perplexing to be ease and have a pacific birth with Chyna.”

Though Chyna was emotional, everybody comforted her — and no one was happier than Kris, who was about to turn a grandmother for a sixth time.

“I am so excited,” she said. “This day for me has always been with all of my kids such an amazing, beautiful day that gets stamped in your memory perpetually and we can’t wait for Rob to knowledge this.”

As a operation was underway, Rob gripped Chyna’s palm closely while Kris looked on and offering difference of encouragement.

“You’re doing great, Angela,” she whispered.

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Dream finally entered a world, and all 3 of them were overcome with emotion.

“I consider examination your babies have babies is extraordinary,” pronounced Kris. “After all a ups and downs and all these dual have been through, they’ve unequivocally overcome a lot of contingency and hopefully this will be a start of a good new beginning.”

Rob cut a umbilical cord, and a new father couldn’t trust how most his daughter looks like him.

“It’s unequivocally crazy to see Dream looks usually like me and usually like my dad,” he said. “I know my father is looking down and he’s super vehement to have a pleasing Armenian baby in a family.”

“This usually creates me feel so good,” pronounced Chyna. “She’s healthy, she’s so cute, she looks usually like Rob. Never in a million years would we consider that we would have King and Dream and a male that actually loves me and supports me.”

Eventually, a rest of a family was authorised in to accommodate a new further while Chyna breastfed for a initial time.

“You have so most hair and Koko is so jealous!” gushed Khloé Kardashian before Kim Kardashian West called in around FaceTime.

“This is a initial Kardashian of a subsequent generation,” remarked Kourtney Kardashian, who was assimilated by Scott Disick. “Isn’t that crazy?!”

“It’s unequivocally unequivocally good to see everybody,” certified Rob. “It creates me unequivocally happy that everybody came to support Chyna and me. I’ve been MIA for years and for them to make an bid and unequivocally do what they can to be there usually meant a lot. It’s a special impulse for me.”

Even Dream’s large hermit King done an appearance, and examination him reason her for a initial time brought tears to Chyna’s eyes.

“It unequivocally creates unequivocally happy,” she said. “He’s so honeyed and caring and loving. This is super special — this is me and Rob’s family. This is something that Rob unequivocally wants … and it’s usually love!”

Ultimately, Dream’s birth noted utterly a occasion.

“Today,” pronounced Rob with a smile, “has definitely been a best day of my life.”

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