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Lakers vs. Trail Blazers score, highlights: LeBron has clever debut, though LA’s problems are clear in loss

LeBron James done his Lakers entrance on Thursdays in a 128-119 detriment to a Portland Trail Blazers. There were a lot of things to like about a approach a Lakers played, though there were positively some causes for concern, as well. Here are 5 discerning takeaways.

How prolonged until LeBron takes some-more control?

The King posted 13 points on 5-of-6 sharpened in his initial entertain for a Lakers, who, with Rajon Rondo heading a pace, were all personification like they were shot out of a cannon. As a diversion wore on, LeBron started to control security a bit more, though he was clearly in “get everybody involved” mode for many of a night, doing a good cube of his repairs in a gaps — he scored on a honeyed cut to a baseline off a Rondo pass, and he had a integrate descent put-backs (he usually had 34 of those all final year). The 13 points were a career first-quarter high for LeBron, if we can trust that.

All told, LeBron posted 26 points, 12 play and 6 assists in 38 minutes. It was an easy line. LeBron authorised Rondo to control many of a half-court offense, and Rondo was unequivocally good with 13 points and 11 assists as a plus-11 in his 32 minutes. This has been a vast storyline, LeBron personification some-more off a ball, and he unequivocally did a bit some-more of that in a opener than we’ve seen in a past. He found Brandon Ingram on a good high-low pass over a top. He combined dilemma 3s for Ingram with some separate movement alongside Rondo in a middle. He ran a wing on breaks rather than removing a opening and pulling a round himself.

There were good things to come of this, namely a fact that 6 Lakers scored 13 points or more. Ingram was good in a third entertain after struggling a bit in a initial half; he could have a biggest composition of any Laker personification some-more though a ball. Josh Hart was lights out with 20 points. In a second half he finished a pleasing pierce on that he refused LeBron’s round shade and went left to a rim. He went 3-of-5 from three. Kyle Kuzma was noisy all night and finished with 15 points. 

Still, a Lakers lost. LeBron never got into that “I’m going to take this diversion over” mode, and during some point, he competence good have to start doing that some-more often. When will that indicate be? How will it happen? It’s a tough conditions given in a West, LeBron can’t do it alone. In a East, that was fine. But in a West, he needs these guys to be unequivocally good alongside him. In a lot of ways, they were on Thursday. In one vital way, they weren’t. Which leads us to …

Turns out, sharpened is kind of a vast understanding

This has been a regard surrounding a Lakers ever given they started putting this super uncanny register together with a signings of Rondo, Lance Stephenson, Michael Beasley and JaVale McGee: Who is going to make shots? Particularly 3-pointers? On Thursday, a Lakers shot 7-of-30 from deep. That’s 23 percent. The Blazers done 13 3s during a 35-percent clip. For all intents and purposes, that was a difference. 

We all know LeBron has traditionally operated many successfully in a mostly four-out set, utterly in his final army with Cleveland, with shooters all around him to space a building and open a line for his wrecking-ball drives. Ingram set adult emporium in a dilemma as a spot-up man early on and missed dual open 3s; he went 0-for-4 from low for a game. Kuzma went 1-for-7. Lonzo Ball went 1-for-4. Stephenson was 0-for-3. LeBron, for his part, also took a donut from low on 4 attempts. 

Pretty simply, if we can’t creates 3s, or ensure conflicting 3s on a other end, you’re in a universe of trouble. There are things that can be practiced to turn a improved defensive organisation conflicting a 3, though knock-down shooters aren’t usually going to unexpected uncover adult on a Lakers’ roster. Lakers fans can reason out wish that Kuzma has a prohibited year (he is capable) and that possibly Ingram or Ball get prohibited in some kind of swapping purpose from diversion to game. These things are not totally unreasonable, though they aren’t accurately constant developments either. Well see. 

We competence have a Lonzo problem

For now, Ball has mislaid his starting pursuit to Rondo, and if Thursday night is any indication, he’s not going to get it behind any time soon. Again, Rondo was unequivocally good, and Lonzo was flattering many a accurate conflicting — posting 7 points and one support on 2-of-7 sharpened for a team-low minus-15 in his 19 minutes. Yikes. 

There has been a lot of speak about how Lonzo is indeed a unequivocally good off-ball player, though we never bought it and still don’t. He’s not a good shooter, plain and simple. He’s TOO peaceful of a passer in a half court, mostly removing absolved of a round like a prohibited potato. If a Lakers continue to play super fast, and can emanate a ball- and player-movement-based half-court offense where cuts and shade actions are consistently executed, Ball does have a healthy feel for that kind of inclusivity. But it’s all predicated on his energy, and flattering simply, he was usually going by a motions on Thursday. If we give adult a round and usually mount there, and we can’t fire during a turn that scares defenses in a slightest, we are a non-factor. 

That was Lonzo Thursday night. A finish and sum non-factor. There is a genuine swag that comes with starting a basketball game. This is loyal during each level, from youth high on up. It’s a honour thing. A certainty thing. For a immature player, a easy to perspective entrance off a dais as a demotion rather than an event to impact a diversion in a opposite approach — say, a approach Andre Iguodala views his purpose in Golden State. That’s maestro stuff. For immature guys, it can be tough to be noisy when we usually got demoted. Lonzo, who’s never unequivocally been all that noisy to start with, improved figure out how to do that, or else he improved get used to being a backup. 

A small adore for a Blazers

Every year a Blazers get questioned. Every year they’re good. Here’s a deal: No organisation with Damian Lillard on it is ever going to be a bad team. we am assured of this, and have been for a prolonged time. Lillard went for 28 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. He equivalent a tough sharpened night by going 8-for-8 during a giveaway chuck line. This is what stars do, and Lillard is a stone-cold star. Should be in a MVP review each year. Don’t let anyone tell we different. Just watch during how he answers LeBron’s outrageous asperse with one of his own.

I talked to Terry Stotts this summer and he told me one of a Blazers’ categorical focuses this year was going to be a 3-point line — both sharpened some-more than they did final year and fortifying it on a other end. As settled above, they close down a Lakers 3-point conflict and done 13 of their possess from low — interjection in vast partial to a season-opening warn opening of Nik Stauskas, who went 5-for-8 from low for 24 outrageous points off a bench. CJ McCollum finished with 21 points on 3-of-6 from deep. Portland’s dais was superb as a group. 

Stotts also told me he wanted his organisation to emanate some-more offense around a pass this year rather than isolating utterly so much, That can still get improved — they usually had 21 assists on Thursday. But listen, to some grade we float a horses we have, and Lillard and McCollum are a horses. Why people are always fearful to gamble on them is over me.

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