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Leia and Carolina Carrico hunt enters third day – KTRK

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, California (KTRK) — The hunt for dual immature sisters in a heavily wooded area of Humboldt County, California has entered a third day.

According to deputies, 5-year-old Caroline and 8-year-old Leia Carrico went blank from their home on Friday afternoon.

Deputies trust they went out, presumably into a wooded area nearby, after their mom pronounced they could not go outward for a walk.

This is now a multi-agency hunt including a U.S. Coast Guard canvasing a area day and night with teams regulating dog units and a Blackhawk helicopter to brush a thick woods nearby a girls’ home.

The sheriff’s dialect says they found granola bar wrappers in a woods.

“We found some clues during a day that done us change a direction. We found granola bar wrappers and were means to endorse with a mom that approbation those were granola bars that were bought in a final few days. The wrappers showed what instruction they went in,” pronounced Mike Fridley of a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s bureau also says searchers found some foot outlines that compare what a girls were wearing. They are seeking everybody to stay divided from a area fearing decay of other probable evidence.

They contend there is no denote of tainted play during this time, though they’re not statute anything out.

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