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LIVE TEMPERATURES: Chicago Weather: Polar spiral brings record cold, Wind Chill Warning in outcome – WLS

The Chicago area is experiencing dangerously cold temperatures Wednesday morning.

Temperatures during O’Hare Airport were during -22 with breeze chills of -49 Wednesday morning, that is a record low for Jan 30. A Wind Chill Warning is in outcome for a Chicago area until noon Thursday, with breeze chills between -36 to -50, that can outcome in frostbite within minutes.

Wind gusts between 25-25 miles-per-hour are also ensuing in floating and flapping snow.

The record for a coldest day in Chicago was Dec 24, 1983, with an normal feverishness of -18 degrees accessible during O’Hare. The coldest feverishness ever accessible in Chicago was -27 on Jan 20, 1985. The coldest high feverishness ever accessible in Chicago was -11 on Dec. 24, 1983 and Jan. 18, 1994.

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The overnight low Wednesday could plea a record low feverishness for Chicago of -27. The high feverishness for Wednesday was -10, that was nearby a record of -11.

The high for Thursday is approaching to be -1 with sleet building late. Temperatures will comfortable adult on Friday, with a high of 19 degrees and a low of 11 degrees.

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The city says it has 5 warming buses to offer people cover from a weather. Also overdo workers are operative around a time to bond homeless residents with shelter.

More than 270 warming centers are accessible via a city in each neighborhood. You can find them during libraries, park houses, village centers, military stations and churches.

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Contact 311 for evident assistance. The city says no one in need of preserve or assistance will be incited away.

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Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker released a disaster commercial for a whole state. Crews are operative in three-man pairs due kid he cold.

“This charge poses a critical jeopardy to a contentment of people around a state, and we will use each apparatus during a ordering to keep a residents safe,” Pritzker said. “This disaster commercial ensures that a state of Illinois has a coherence to effectively and good respond to a needs of internal governments during this impassioned continue event.”


As of 6 a.m., ComEd reports that 18,000 people are though energy systemwide. Customers can content OUT to 26633 or call 1-800-EDISON (1-800-334-7661) to news an outage. Spanish-speaking business can call 1-800-95-LUCES (1-800-955-8237).


Chicago Public Schools will tighten schools Wednesday and Thursday due to a cold. The temperatures could benefaction a jeopardy for children roving to and from school, CPS said. CPS buildings will also be sealed Wednesday and Thursday due to a continue and all after propagandize activities are canceled.

School Closings: Chicago Area Complete List

Some suburban propagandize districts, including Niles and Plainfield, have announced that schools are sealed Wednesday and might even be sealed Thursday as well.

Northwestern University will be sealed until 12 p.m. Thursday due to a impassioned cold. The university will continue to yield “essential services” including policing, comforts government and chateau gymnasium dining.


The University of Chicago has canceled all classes and non-essential activities for Wednesday due to a cold.

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Columbia College Chicago announced it be sealed Wednesday due to a weather. The closure relates to all educational and business operations of a campus. DePaul University has cancelled classed for Wednesday.


Amtrak has canceled all trains originations to and from Chicago for Wednesday and Thursday due to a impassioned cold, including short-distance mezzanine trains and long-distance overnight trains, a group said. Trains that originated on Tuesday will finish their trips to or from Chicago.
Amtrak typically operates 55 trains daily to and from a Chicago hub.

One male got all a approach to Union Station and afterwards he found out he’d have to find another approach to get home to New Mexico.

“It’s frustrating,” Jason Nichols said. “I’m perplexing to get home. Every place we go, it’s aloft and aloft and aloft only to get a ticket.”

Metra pronounced all lines will work on swap schedules due to a impassioned cold. Click here for a impassioned continue swap schedules for each Metra line. The mutated report will extend by Thursday and could change offer depending on conditions.

In sequence to keel a marks from contracting, Metra has deployed crews to set fires along switches. Wednesday morning, Metra UP West trains are regulating 10-30 mins late since of a impassioned cold.

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The South Shore Line pronounced use is dangling for Wednesday due to a impassioned weather. A integrity has not been done for Thursday, and click here for some-more information on a South Shore Line.

For some people with disabilities Pace buses are a lifeline. Deputy Executive Director pronounced 1,200 buses were regulating 97 percent on time Tuesday afternoon, though subscription rides – frequently scheduled pickups and dump offs for appointments – are canceled due to cold.

“We ask a business to check forward if a plcae they are going is open to make certain they need to travel,” Metzger said. “If they don’t have to travel, don’t do it. We wish them to consider about carrying to transport – if it’s too dangerous out there, don’t do it.”

Polar Vortex Explainer: Get prepared for sour cold a subsequent few weeks

Riders who contingency transport should call Pace to reschedule their appointments for Wednesday and Thursday.

In Chicago, Lyft is charity giveaway rides to warming centers regulating a formula CHIJAYDEN19, adult to $25 per ride, by Friday.

The Illinois Department of Transportation has increasing a highway patrols to assistance drivers in distress. IDOT Minutemen patrolmen like Ricky Soto will be pushing a expressways, generally overnight, to support any motorist in difficulty or who might be stranded.

IDOT is also deploying a warming outpost to respond to people in need.

“It could be passed batteries, tires. Some people, their tires are as bald as my head,” Soto said.

“It’s really critical that people stay in their vehicles. We don’t wish people exiting their vehicles in trade and generally in conditions like this,” pronounced Guy Tridgell, IDOT spokesman.

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The Illinois Tollway is also prepared for a cold, and is reminding drivers that all oases are open 24 hours and can offer as warming centers.

If we contingency expostulate Wednesday and Thursday, Soto pronounced be prepared: make certain your tires have adequate air, and check your battery and alternator.

“Carry a blanket, a few blankets, depending on how many people transport with you, food, also some palm warmers,” he said.


More than 1,000 flights have been cancelled during Chicago’s airports. As of 4:36 a.m., during O’Hare, 977 flights have been cancelled and 323 flights have been cancelled during Midway.


The Lincoln Park Zoo will be sealed Wednesday and Thursday for a reserve of animals and visitors, solely for several class acclimated to a climate, like frigid bears. The Shedd Aquarium and a Museum of Science and Industry are also sealed Wednesday due to a cold. Both design to free Thursday, though will make that preference during a after time.

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Wednesday night opening of Disney on Ice during a United Center has been cancelled since of a dangerous cold. People with tickets can hit a United Center or Ticketmaster per refunds and tickets for arriving performances.

Courthouses in Cook, DuPage, Lake, Kane, McHenry and Will counties will be sealed on Wednesday and Thursday. Illinois Secretary of State Offices will also be sealed Wednesday. Early voting during a Loop Supersite will also be sealed Wednesday.

The United States Postal Service has dangling smoothness for Wednesday for a following 3-digit zip codes:

Indiana: 460-469, 472-475, 478, 479
Chicago: 606-608
Central Illinois: 601, 603 – 605, 609, 613, 614, 616, 617
Michigan: 486-491, 493-499


The dangerous low solidify can also make it formidable to keep your home warm. To equivocate a detriment in feverishness experts suggest replacing your furnace filter and gripping vents clear. Also reduce blinds and tighten drapes.

Take precautions for your home for a low freeze

Before going to bed, lift your thermostat a few degrees to assistance equivalent a unavoidable detriment of heat. If we have a high-efficiency furnace, transparent a intake and empty of sleet and ice, that could poise a CO monoxide danger.

To keep your pipes from freezing, experts contend to drip your faucets. If they still freeze, never unfreeze pipes with an open flame. Use a hairdryer instead.

If you’ll be out pushing during a low freeze, experts contend to make certain your automobile is prepared for it.

Keep your tank during slightest half-full, reinstate a automobile battery if it’s aged and supplement some additional atmosphere in your tires.

Officials endorsed drivers devise their track in allege and tell others where they are going. Lastly, keep your dungeon phone charged in box something happens.

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