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Live updates for NN village draft, turn 6

Welcome to a Niners Nation 2018 NFL ridicule draft. We’re behind for a sixth round, with a breeze reduction than a week away. You can perspective a full initial turn formula here, a full second turn formula here, a full third turn formula here, a full fourth turn formula here, and a full fifth turn formula here, that includes an reason for picks.

We’re starting a sixth turn today, and this will take us by a weekend. We’ll get to a seventh turn early subsequent week heading adult to a draft. The San Francisco 49ers have their possess collect (No. 10, 184 overall). We’ll get to a 49ers collect this afternoon.

175. Cleveland BrownsJeff Holland, DE, Auburn (Mertons Merkin)

Not gonna lie, we was unequivocally anticipating that somehow, somehow Shaun Dion Hamilton was going to tumble to this pick. But it wasn’t to be. Thanks to all a holes in a Browns register though, for giving me plenty positions to try if a male we wish disappeared.

At a tip of a sixth, we are down to usually a few guys that still have intensity to start in a NFL. The final several picks have been very, unequivocally good in that regard. We’re sniffing out a final of a guys with genuine prolongation or traits. Holland fits into that mix. He’s pushed his approach into a breeze contention by bursting in prolongation in 2017. And it wasn’t usually sacks. He was customarily pulling a pocket, and removing into a quarterback’s face final season. He’s also got plenty anchor to penetrate his hips and control a edge. He’s not usually a rotational actor during a defensive finish position. He’s got a good motor, he’s productive, and he’s complete.

What’s holding him behind is his rather messy body. He’s kind of got that (let’s call it) plantation strength. In that way, he’s unequivocally many like what Cleveland already has in Ogbah, yet I’d disagree that Holland has a bit improved clarity for environment adult blockers, and regulating his hands. Both are guys that win some-more with flesh than with twitch. By addressing a center of a defensive line with twitchier players progressing in a draft, we wish that we can slip Holland in, and usually manhandle tackles on a outward with a revolution of thickly built maulers, while my twitchier interior players pull double teams, and play a lot of T-E attempt games. We seem good stocked now to make life tough on flitting downs. The wish for Holland is that he can strew some of a bad weight that he has, given if he were a bit leaner, we cruise he could plea Ogbah for snaps and starts down a line… And maybe not too distant down a line.

176. Los Angeles RamsAndre Smith, ILB, North Carolina (ak4niner)

177. Houston TexansRashaan Gaulden, CB, Tennessee (Sacto Solon)

The Texans continue a renovate of a delegate with a preference of Gaulden, a 6’1”, 193 lb earthy dilemma who posted 63 tackles (3.5 for loss), 1 INT, 5 PD, 3 fail recoveries, and a forced fail as a youth final year. More discerning than quick (4.61 40), Gaulden can come in and contest for early personification time in nickel packages. In fact, Daniel Jeremiah called Gaulden a “day one starting nickel in a league.”

I upheld on CBs with Houston’s initial 4 picks given of a abyss during a position and, frankly, got a male we wanted all along about 80 picks later. LSU’s Kevin Toliver II would have been a satisfaction choice had Gaulden been selected.

178. Indianapolis ColtsTarvarius Moore, FS, Southern Mississippi (Rowingdave)

Yes, a Colts have drafted Jaire Alexander as their outward dilemma and M.J. Stewart as a buffoon safety/slot dilemma hybrid, yet this is too good of value to pass up, and they go to a good with Moore. Malik Hooker is awesome…and he’s recuperating from an ACL injury, and has a comparatively mottled damage story already in his immature career. You can never have too many athletes (Adrian Colbert anyone?), and this male is topping on a cake for a section that has to contest with Marcus Mariota, DeShaun Watson and Blake…never mind about Blake, yet we get a idea. we looked unequivocally tough during OL, RB and another jaunty Edge prospect, yet we can’t manager legit 4.32 speed…and he’s been productive, to boot. Big skip by a Combine people. No approach he goes this late, and is substantially a Day Two pick, 4th turn during misfortune when all is pronounced and done. After this pick, a Colts have picked adult 5 large pieces for their defense, all of them productive, and all good athletes. Coupled with Quenton Nelson, D.J. Moore and Kyle Lauletta, a Colts have one some-more collect to put a topping on a unequivocally plain draft.

179. New York JetsDarius Phillips, CB, Western Michigan (Blackout52)

Phillips is on a shorter side during 5’10, so he competence be pigeonholed into personification container usually in a NFL, yet that’s not a problem for a Jets, who desperately need assistance there. Buster Skrine is listed as a usually nickel behind on their roster, and he hasn’t been good given they sealed him. Phillips distance will means him to fall, yet he checks roughly any box we wish in a dilemma skill-wise: Man coverage, section coverage, turn skills, speed, Phillips has it all (almost). His run invulnerability is lacking, yet during this indicate in a breeze you’re not going to get a ideal prospect. He should immediately take Skrine’s symbol as a starter.

180. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Kevin Tolliver II, CB, LSU (BayAreaBOI)

Tolliver will assistance out a diseased secondary. With Minkah Fitzpatrick and Kevin Tolliver entrance in as rookies to contest with Brent Grimes and Vernon Hargraves. It would give them some abyss during CB and maybe pierce Fitzpatrick to Safety. Tolliver is a taller CB during 6’3 entrance out of DB University it competence be a take to collect him adult this late in a draft. He will have to be coached adult yet with a maestro like Grimes entrance behind will assistance him develop. Will be engaging to see how he pans out yet has good upside.

181. Chicago Bears – Ade Aruna, DE, Tulane (#hawktomegoose)

6’6”, 260 pounds, 34 in. arms roughly 11 in. hands who can run a 4.6. At defensive end? What Aruna lacks in polish, he some-more than creates adult for with intensity and athleticism, and that is what we breeze for in a sixth round. Aruna will be a project, yet should be a profitable rotational actor early on with a intensity to compensate dividends earlier than people expect. Guys with his jaunty form don’t grow on trees, and Vic Fangio should find a approach to make him useful in several looks.

182. Arizona Cardinals – Will Dissly, TE, Washington (AzSharksFan)

The Cardinals have Ricky Seals-Jones who showed some good ability for a UDFA final year yet a organisation unequivocally needs some assistance during TE. Dissly is a plain actor altogether and one of a improved blockers in this year’s organisation of parsimonious ends.

183. Los Angeles Rams – Tyler Conklin, TE, Central Michigan (ak4niner)

184. San Francisco 49ers – Allen Lazard, WR Iowa State (GSheen)

Lazard is an assertive possession receiver with some engaging traits to work with. His 4.55, 17 reps, 38 VJ and 122 BJ during a mix put him in a 99th percentile for a receiver of his distance given 2000. Plus, his Liberty Bowl and Senior Bowl standout performances should safe him in an early Day 3 consideration.

Known for his dictatorial behind shoulder catches, Lazard relies on his pointy recognition and glorious physique composition to make a name for himself in a Big 12 conference. His singular mix of size, leaping ability, and false athleticism creates him a matchup calamity for secondaries. If not for a defensive pass division he drew, Lazard could have simply padded his receiving stats. Much like Anquan Boldin, he prefers regulating his support and weight to gaunt on his defenders and emanate subdivision that way. His feisty appearance in-game and his persistence in contested situations will be rarely regarded in Shanahan’s offense. Something else Shanahan would place a reward on is his run-blocking. It’s among a best in this breeze class, with 71+ PFF run-block category in any of his final 3 seasons.

Still 22, Lazard could mount to urge his recover and labour his route-running. Personally, we would many cite carrying Lazard as a fifth receiver than Aldrick Robinson. He would yield depth, red section participation and foe to Bourne. He can get a year or dual to work on his qualification and strive for a bigger purpose when Garcon’s age catches adult to him.

185. Oakland Raiders – Tanner Lee, QB, Nebraska (twolfe2)

Lee should have stayed in Nebraska for another year. However, with Frost being hired as a new HC, Lee motionless to pierce on. He is your standard container passer. At 6’4” with 10” hands, he has a distance we wish in a QB.

186. Green Bay Packers – Kylie Fitts, DE, Utah (Fred Mercury)

Something that we unsuccessful to discuss in my write adult for Arden Key is that Clay Matthews is entering a final year of his contract. While we don’t fake to have any discernment into Green Bay’s giveaway group skeleton for 2019, we would be astounded if they let Matthews travel (unless he tears an ACL or something like that). So, while Key would ascent a pass rush and assistance support a use of Matthews being changed around a invulnerability (as they’ve finished recently) he is also word should Matthews not be re-signed. Fitts could be seen as word to a insurance, yet he comes with a doubt mark. Fitts has good distance and tested unequivocally good during a Combine. He profiles as an dilemma rusher possibly station adult or with a palm in a dirt. The emanate with Fitts is his damage history. He played in 22 games in 4 years in college. You’d have to go behind to 2015 to find peculiarity diversion fasten on him. It’s not a warn that he’s accessible so late in a draft, yet if he stays healthy there is a decent volume of upside here. Looking during a dilemma position from a pristine period mount point, we wouldn’t covet a Packers fan for seeking me, “What is this breeze indeed accomplishing for a pass rush?” As it stands right now, Matthews is a giveaway representative in ’19, Key has critical questions about his proxy “disappearance” final year, and Fitts has hardly seen a margin due to injury. Fair enough. But, if Fitts (and generally Key) can produce, this Green Bay invulnerability will be officious nasty.

187. Buffalo Bills – Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa (Rhardin49)

He’s smaller 5 10, 190 yet unequivocally jaunty and elusive. Will element McCoy and Chris Ivory unequivocally well.

188. Cleveland Browns – Jake Wieneke, WR, South Dakota State (Mertons Merkin)

Question: during this point, is anybody indeed essay all that many about their seventh turn selection? Well, az9rfan, usually for you, a answer is “YES”. A unequivocally fatiguing “YES”. we competence write some-more about Jake Wieneke than we wrote about Baker Mayfield. Why? Because we can. This is a final of a Browns 9 picks, it’s a good one, and we are going to hear all about it. The 2018 WR class, Wieneke’s strengths and weaknesses, how he competence fit with a Browns stream roster, since that’s critical for 49ers fans to consider, and so on and so forth. So let’s get started.

“Why we don’t like az9rfan anymore… Chapter 9… The conclusion… Havana Nights… Weineke edition”

This year’s WR category is filled to superfluous with midst to late turn receivers with an awful lot of size. Some of those 6’1” and above guys, like DJ Chark and St. Brown have some speed to go along with it, yet many of a rest of these guys don’t have a ton of speed. As 49er fans, we’re all substantially ragged down from conference that Kyle Shanahan likes receivers that “can get open”, and a doubt with a immeasurable infancy of these receivers, from Tate, to Lazard, to Simmie Cobbs, is how accurately do any of these guys get open though speed, and with physique forms that make change of instruction difficult?

For a lot of these guys, we usually don’t know. The thought seems to be that given they are tall, they are redzone targets usually by default. As if we could usually go with a Tim Tebow burst pass on any redzone possession. It usually doesn’t work that way. Being high is a good asset, yet we need some other certain trait to rest on if we are going to find success. A lot of these guys usually don’t have much. There are a lot of guys with controversial hands (Cobbs), or miss explosion, change of instruction skills, or run idle looking, dull routes (Lazard).

Wieneke indeed has some traits over being unequivocally tall. His 2016 diversion opposite TCU is accessible on Youtube, and we inspire people to watch it. Because we can start to see a ability set in movement opposite tip tier talent. Wieneke has a torpedo track in his container (the fade), runs pointy routes, with improved than approaching sharpness to a tip of a routes, has extensive hands, and plays with urgency. He high-points a turn unequivocally well, fights by contact, isn’t bumped off routes, and catches in traffic. Unlike a lot of these guys (Tate) he indeed constructed a inclusive numbers you’d wish to see out of a far-reaching receiver banking on being a earthy mismatch opposite corners in a NFL. If we can’t do that in college, since would that unexpected uncover in a pros?

So how does that fit with what a Browns need? Right now a Browns have Josh Gordon, who we should all wish stays clean, given he competence be a best WR in a NFL, and Jarvis Landry who swears adult and down that he’s not usually a container receiver. That’s good that Landry says that, yet I’m still a small indeterminate of that. He’s an overwhelming container receiver, and there’s zero wrong with that. But given a new contract, we would assume he’s out to infer he can do more. we do design to see him play more… Maybe many some-more on a outward subsequent season.

Beyond that, a Browns don’t have many talent during all. They need a male to come out of a swarming margin to uncover them a ability to compare adult with those two. You have to be means to locate a turn when nobody is shaping to take we out of it. we cruise Wieneke is that guy. He’s a cheaper and not as good chronicle of Cooper Kupp. He can take snaps in a container as a “big slot” option, and he can take some snaps outside, that we am certain that’s a case. He’s got false build adult speed to emanate subdivision during a tip of his well-run routes, and has a physique form to brush off some of a bumps he’s approaching to get in male coverage.

And a 49ers should have some seductiveness in a actor like that as well. Don’t count him out. He’s got a same thing that a usually other drafted far-reaching receiver in a Shanahan epoch has had… A ton of production, and a ability (viewable on tape) to get himself uncovered. He can take snaps all over a field, and that’s a large positive. Also, like Taylor and Kupp, Wineke is a blue collar lunch pail male that is a gym rat.

So now my breeze is over. we can tighten all these tabs! Best of fitness to all. Congrats to az9rfan for reading all of this.

189. New Orleans Saints – Kameron Kelly, DB, San Diego State (DeltaLima)

At this indicate in a draft, we’re looking during players who can yield depth. Kameron Kelly was mocked early and mostly as a third or fourth-round selection, with many teams carrying an eye to relocating him to CB in sequence to take advantage of his ball-hawking skills. In some instances, he was mocked in a second round. His opening during a mix simply didn’t rate for CBs, however, and here we are mid-way by a sixth round.

The Saints like to use a three-safety complement into that Kelly could fit. I’m not certain a pierce to CB is something Kelly will conduct to do in a NFL, so instead, we would keep him in a same position that he played for a many partial in college. That is, until he showed he could hoop a final of CB on an NFL level. The Saints’ complement is one that could approaching use his ability possibly way, plugging him in as a abyss option.

This is a box of Kelly falling, I’m sure, given of a bad mix performance. Combine opening is mostly overvalued, quite 40-time. Kelly’s indolent 4.66-second 40-yard lurch could be a outcome of him carrying bad contrast technique, as against to bad athleticism. He shaved about a tenth of a second off during a San Diego State pro day. And while those timings are mostly questioned, Kelly thinks he triggered a laser-based time betimes during a mix by relocating his palm early. He also claims to not be improved during football than drills. His prolongation as a turn hawk and his proven ability to hoop his business in a run diversion earns him a possibility to infer his doubters wrong with a Saints.

190. Baltimore Ravens – Mike Love, DE, South Florida (LizardState)

The Ravens d-line like many of a organisation was damage riddled in 2017. Backup DE Brent Urban came in for a harmed starter yet was also harmed blank 4 games that a Ravens posted a 1-3 record with poignant drops in sacks, TFLs, interlude a run. Urban is an RFA not approaching to be back. Love can work his approach into a starting lineup during DE in a Ravens’ 3-4 fixing over time. Love, who had 11 TFLs final year 5 sacks, saved a win for a USF Bulls in their Bowl diversion with a forced fail in his final play during a college turn they wish he can turn a playmaker for them who will promote sacks turnovers.

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