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Lizzie Rovsek Says Fight With Tamra Judge In Bali Was “So Much Uglier” Than What Was Shown On Real Housewives …

RHOC Lizzie Rovsek

Unfortunately, Lizzie Rovsek usually got one deteriorate as a full-time expel member on The Real Housewives of Orange County. She did lapse as a Friend of a Housewives a following deteriorate and she’s finished guest appearances here and there. Just final deteriorate she showed adult for Vicki Gunvalson’s party.

She competence have been a one and finished Housewife, though she does have a lot of dip on a expel members and all that went down during Seasons 9 and 10. Not usually that, though she’s still in hold with Vicki and Kelly Dodd in further to being friends with new Housewife Emily Simpson.

She competence have finished adult a 1-year Real Housewife, though that wasn’t what she suspicion going into her second deteriorate of filming a show. During an episode of Tony’s Tea Corner podcast, Lizzie revealed, “I was indeed hired full time.” As a longtime viewers know, she finished adult as a Friend of a Housewives during her second season.

She admitted, “I don’t unequivocally know accurately a tumble of demise… we know a showrunner had come to me about maybe two, three, maybe 4 times. It was something that came out a lot. He confronted me and pronounced ‘I’m only going to be honest with you. There’s an comparison Housewife on this uncover and she says that we do not wish to be here and you’re only biding your time until it runs out.’”

Who could this “older Housewife” be? Vicki, Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador, and Meghan Edmonds were a full-time expel members during Season 10. It was Meghan’s initial season, so that manners her out. Shannon assimilated a uncover during Season 9 along with Lizzie so that wouldn’t make sense.

Later in a podcast, Lizzie emphasized that she gets along unequivocally good with Vicki, so who does that leave? Heather and Tamra. Considering that Tamra and Lizzie did not get along (at all) and Tamra has been on a uncover given Season 3, Tamra would be a judicious theory as a maestro expel member second to Vicki.

Lizzie continued, “I pronounced ‘Who pronounced that?’ And he pronounced ‘I’m not going to tell we who pronounced it.’ He pronounced it over and over.” She even certified that a repeated acknowledgement “had [her] in tears.”

Lizzie certified that being a Real Housewife meant, “I had to thicken my skin. we was not prepared.” She added, “I had lived a flattering positive, happy existence. And a whole thing… we had to thicken my skin large time.”

Just like each Housewives alum, Lizzie was asked if she would ever cruise going back. She answered, “I don’t consider about it, no. Never contend never since we don’t know what life is going to bring, though we don’t consider about it. It’s not something that we consider about. It’s not something that I’m plotting.”

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It just might make clarity for Lizzie to make a comeback, generally if her crony Emily gets a second season. Lizzie described Emily by saying, “She has a ton of friends. She’s a girl’s girl. She’s never finished anything controversial to me as a crony and we’ve been friends for 3 and a half, roughly four, years now. She doesn’t have any issues with any of her friends. She’s a good girl.” If she’s not used to carrying issues with her friends, fasten Real Housewives of Orange County had to be a bold awakening. This uncover is all about issues with friends, or during a unequivocally slightest issues with “friends.”

Lizzie remarked, “She’s feisty on a show. we don’t see that feisty girl, though she’s great. She’s holding her possess and we kind of feel like she feels they’re all kind of opposite her right now. That’s a unequivocally worried place to be.” Even so Lizzie maintained, “She’s gonna hoop it only fine. She’s a intelligent cookie. She’s got a heart of bullion and she will hoop it. She’s gonna be fine.”

Another reason Lizzie competence return? Her relations with Vicki and Kelly– who interestingly adequate are currently on a outs. Lizzie declared, “I adore Kelly and we adore Vicki.”

Lizzie also came to Vicki’s defense, saying, “She went by a integrate of unequivocally severe years and she’s only a good person. She unequivocally is. She’s been a good crony to me.” In courtesy to their time on a uncover Lizzie explained, “She pronounced a integrate things that were unequivocally not that offensive.” She revealed, “The branch indicate we had with Vicki was we was in a sauce room during a reunion.” Lizzie said, “[Vicki] was like ‘Come on girl, let’s go out there and tell a truth.’”

Lizzie insisted, “She’s been my friend. She checks adult on me all a time. She’s a good person.” There are unequivocally few austere Vicki defenders on a show, so props to Lizzie for descending into that category.

Then Lizzie got to a engaging stuff- a Season 9 expel outing to Bali. She did not discuss Tamra by name, but Real Housewives of Orange County historians are well-aware that Lizzie and Tamra got into a vital fight during that trip.

Lizzie confessed, “What’s engaging about that whole stage is that it was so many uglier- a many sinister things we have ever listened in my life. we would have ran too if we would have pronounced those things.” Tamra literally ran away from a whole expel after fighting with them all during a organisation dinner, so it’s protected to assume that she is a expel member that Lizzie is alluding to who pronounced “vile things.”

Lizzie admitted, “It creates me insane meditative about it. we was unequivocally fed adult during that time.” It is unequivocally singular that anyone on this uncover would be vocally opposite Tamra. Maybe it’s time for Lizzie to make a quip and switching things adult in a OC.


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