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‘Luxury Space Hotel’ to Launch in 2021

Well-heeled space tourists will have a new orbital end 4 years from now, if one company’s skeleton come to fruition.

That startup, called Orion Span, aims to loft a “Aurora Station” in late 2021 and start easy guest in 2022. 

“We are rising a first-ever affordable oppulance space hotel,” pronounced Orion Span owner and CEO Frank Bunger, who denounced a Aurora Station thought currently (April 5) during a Space 2.0 Summit in San Jose, California. [In Pictures: Private Space Stations of a Future]

“Affordable” is a relations term: A 12-day stay aboard Aurora Station will start during $9.5 million. Still, that’s utterly a bit reduction than orbital tourists have paid in a past. From 2001 by 2009, 7 private adults took a sum of 8 trips to a International Space Station (ISS), profitable an estimated $20 million to $40 million any time. (These private missions were brokered by a Virginia-based association Space Adventures and employed Russian Soyuz booster and rockets.)

“There’s been creation around a pattern to make it some-more modular and some-more elementary to use and have some-more automation, so we don’t have to have EVAs [extravehicular activities] or spacewalks,” Bunger pronounced of Aurora Station.

Aurora Station will accommodate 4 profitable guest and dual crewmembers.
Credit: Orion Span

“The idea when we started a association was to emanate that creation to make morality possible, and by creation morality possible, we expostulate a extensive volume of cost out of it,” he told Space.com.

Orion Span is building Aurora Station itself, Bunger added. The association — some of whose pivotal engineering players have helped pattern and work a ISS — is production a hotel in Houston and building a module compulsory to run it in a Bay Area, he said.

Aurora Station will be about a distance of a vast private jet’s cabin. It’ll magnitude 43.5 feet prolonged by 14.1 feet far-reaching (13.3 by 4.3 meters) and underline a pressurized volume of 5,650 cubic feet (160 cubic m), Orion Span member said. For comparison, a ISS is 357 feet (109 m) prolonged and has an inner pressurized volume of 32,333 cubic feet (916 cubic m).

Orion Span skeleton to supplement onto a strange Aurora Station core over time as direct grows.
Credit: Orion Span

The private outpost will circuit during an altitude of 200 miles (320 kilometers) — a bit reduce than a ISS, that is about 250 miles (400 km) above Earth on average. Right now, it’s misleading how Aurora Station and a destiny occupants will get to orbit; Orion Span has nonetheless to endorse any deals with launch providers, Bunger said.

Aurora Station will accommodate 4 profitable guest and dual crewmembers; these latter crew will expected be former astronauts, Bunger said. Most of a guest will substantially be private space tourists, during slightest initially, though Orion Span will be accessible to a accumulation of customers, including supervision space agencies, he added. 

And a space hotel will get bigger over time, if all goes according to plan. As direct grows, Orion Span will launch additional modules to couple adult with a strange core outpost, Bunger said.

“Our long-term prophesy is to sell tangible space in those new modules,” he said. “We’re job that a space condo. So, possibly for vital or subleasing, that’s a destiny prophesy here — to emanate a long-term, tolerable tellurian home in LEO [low Earth orbit].”

Orion Span isn’t alone in seeking to carve out this path. Several other companies, including Axiom Space and Bigelow Aerospace, also aim to launch blurb space stations to Earth circuit in a subsequent few years to accommodate expected direct from space tourists, inhabitant governments, researchers and private industry. (Other private players, including Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, are building vehicles to take profitable business to and from suborbital space, and are scheduled to start blurb operations soon.)

If you’ve got $80,000 to spare, we can put a (fully refundable) deposition down on an Aurora Station stay commencement today. Folks who fly adult will bear a three-month training program, a final apportionment of that will start aboard a space hotel itself, Bunger said. To learn more, go to www.orionspan.com.

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