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Lyric McHenry: Everything to Know About Reality Star Who Died After Suspected Overdose

Lyric McHenry died Tuesday of a suspected drug overdose, according to mixed reports.

McHenry, 26, was detected during around 5 a.m. in a Bronx area of New York, according to NY Daily News. While her genocide is still underneath investigation, a tiny bag of heroin was found on McHenry during a scene, NY Daily News reported.

A New York Police Department orator would not brand a star though told PEOPLE a 26-year-old womanlike was found comatose and unresponsive, fibbing on a path in a closeness of Undercliff Avenue and Boscobel Place.

McHenry was afterwards taken to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital where she was conspicuous dead.

Here are things to know about a late existence star.

1. McHenry was reportedly pregnant

According to NY Daily News, McHenry was about 20 weeks pregnant. However, it is misleading during this time if she knew she was awaiting or if she common a news with her family and desired ones. When she was found, McHenry was usually wearing a pajama tip and underwear. She did not have on any pants, a opening reports.

2. She was celebrating her birthday a night before her death

McHenry posted a array of Instagram stories during The Frederick Hotel, a Soho Grand Hotel and a Dream Hotel. In one of a videos, a crony of hers can be listened observant “it’s her birthday.”

3. The 26-year-old was friends with EJ Johnson

McHenry was good friends with Johnson and is best famous for her appearances on his now-defunct E! existence show EJNYC. Johnson was not in New York to applaud her birthday so dedicated a honeyed Instagram post to her.

“Happy birthday to my best crony who has strutted with my in princess gowns given day 1 @lyric_leighwords can't demonstrate how most we adore and conclude we in my life,” he wrote.

4. She has a younger sister named Maya

On Aug 6, Maya wished McHenry a happy birthday. “Happy Birthday to my pleasing sister 🙂 I’m so propitious to have we in my life and that YOU’RE my large sister,” Maya captioned a selfie of herself with McHenry.

“Your knowledge and talent amazes me some-more and some-more any day. we adore we Lyric and appreciate we for always ancillary me and carrying my back.”

5. McHenry’s Father is a executive and producer

Doug McHenry is famous for New Jack City (1991), The Brothers (2001), and Jason’s Lyric (1994), that stars Jada Pinkett Smith, according to IMDB.

McHenry was following in her father’s footsteps as she was also a director and producer.

She also formerly worked as an associate writer for Complex Networks.

6. McHenry attended Stanford University

McHenry graduated in 2010 and majored in pre-law. She was also a Ron Brown scholar. While in school, McHenry founded a Young Democrats Club and was consistently an Honor Roll student, according to a Ron Brown Scholar Program.

7. She volunteered on a Obama debate when she was 15

Then existence star common recently that assembly a Obamas had a large impact on her life.

“Working for this debate done my ungainly theatre during 15 so most doper. Thank we to a Obamas for moving us, heading with adore and intellect, bringing art and artists to a White House, and also Sasha and Malia,” McHenry captioned an Instagram of herself posing with Michelle Obama.

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