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Mailbag: TE Depth On The Roster? Weighing In On Dez Bryant’s Status


There is a clever fortuitous of Cowboys supporters who have entertained a thought of slicing Dez Bryant due to his bad opening in propinquity to his vast contract. Perhaps we am in a minority, though we feel that with a $8 million passed tip strike that Dallas would incur, this is not a best decision. They will not be means to use a $8 million assets to secure a suitable deputy in giveaway agency. we am also puzzled that a rookie WR will have a evident impact that some would design given only final year 3 WR were taken in a tip 10 and zero of them had a suggestive impact for their teams. What are your thoughts on a Dez Bryant situation?

Nick: we know a regard though we have to remember it’s some-more than only a one-year move. You’re articulate about $8 million in passed tip and $8 million in savings. That’s all one year. That conditions gets improved a subsequent deteriorate and so on. At this stage, we’re conference a lot of speak from a Cowboys, generally Stephen Jones. we have to consider some of a negotiating is occurring by a media. The Cowboys keep observant there is a preference to make so that creates me consider they’re meditative about compensate cut and if it doesn’t happen, afterwards a Cowboys will pierce on to a subsequent step. Something has to give here. But a Cowboys simply can’t have a receiver counting $16 million in tip space that defenses are peaceful to give them opportunities to kick them. The tip players in a joining are game-planned to stop. And it looked like in 2017 that defenses were looking to stop a other guys and took their chances with Dez. we would go for a pay-cut track with incentives that could assistance boost his understanding behind to what he’s expecting.

Bryan: we have always believed in vouchsafing this understanding play out and see where it takes you. The some-more we listen to Stephen Jones, a some-more we trust that a front bureau has a devise to do other things. we don’t know how a income will work out, though we wouldn’t wish Bryant going into an critical deteriorate for a lot of folks with an dissapoint attitude. Think that does some-more bad than good.


Why is TE again another position in this year’s draft? One of a biggest issues I’ve seen is not permitting players to develop. we know a group is following Bill Parcells’ three-year order as it pertains to improvement. But I’ve seen a lot of players like Minnesota’s Andrew Sandejo who are abounding with other teams. We have drafted utterly a few and possibly we are wasting picks or not giving them event to make a team.

Nick: we unequivocally don’t know a question. Are we observant players aren’t given a possibility to rise like parsimonious end? That’s a mark they’ve drafted and we consider we know because those players aren’t doing more. Let’s not forget Jason Witten keeps creation a Pro Bowl. So, that’s one reason. And for each Sendejo or Amendola that got away, there’s a David Irving or Rod Smith that we get from another team. It’s a inlet of a business. The Cowboys have drafted good and tend to take caring of those picks. Sometimes, other guys tumble by a cracks.  

Bryan: It was indeed Tom Landry that had a three-year devise that Parcells borrowed. we consider you’re jumping too early on adding a parsimonious end. I’ve listened zero though certain things on Witten, James Hanna and Geoff Swaim with a intensity growth of Rico Gathers and Blake Jarwin. It is loyal that this arriving breeze category of parsimonious ends is deep, so adding one competence not be a bad option, though we don’t trust it’s a priority.  Read

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