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Malaysia aims to have 70% of babies breastfed by 2025

KOTA BHARU: The Malaysian health method aims to boost a commission of babies being exclusively breastfed to 70 per cent by 2025. 

According to State Health Director Zaini Hussin on Wednesday (Feb 20), stream method information shows that 47.1 per cent of babies, or infants underneath 6 months old, are exclusively breastfed. 

Several efforts have to be done to grasp a aim in 6 years, he said. This might embody collaborating with Malaysia’s School of Medical Sciences (USM) and a World Alliance of Breastfeeding Action to emanate recognition on breastfeeding practices. 

“We need to feature a roles played by parties, not only a mother, though also a father and a community,” Dr Zaini told reporters during a two-day discussion on tot and child nutrition. 

He added: “As we know, breast divert is a best for a baby’s development.”

Among a factors that has contributed to fewer women breastfeeding is their career, pronounced Dr Zaini. However, he also forked out that many work places in a nation now yield adequate comforts to make it gainful for nursing mothers. 

“So a career should no longer be an forgive for not nursing a child, since mother’s divert is not only about food though it is a best for a child’s certain development,” he said. 

Article source: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/health/malaysia-70-babies-breastfeed-target-2025-11266470