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Malaysia detains 77 foreigners in migrant workman crackdown

Malaysian authorities have raided a construction site and incarcerated 77 foreigners as partial of a uninformed crackdown on bootleg immigration.

Immigration officials pronounced some-more than 3,100 foreigners and 63 employers who allegedly hired workers illegally have been incarcerated given a brush began Jul 1. The crackdown is targeting migrants who come to Malaysia illegally to work mostly low-wage jobs in a construction, camp and production industries.

As one of Southeast Asia’s richest countries, Malaysia has prolonged captivated workers from circuitously nations such as Indonesia, a Philippines, Bangladesh and India.

Immigration officials who conducted a midnight raid Tuesday and early Wednesday during a construction site in northern Negeri Sembilan state found 77 of a 85 workers had no current documents. Most of them are Indonesians, vital in wooden make-shift dormitories during a site. Reporters were told of a raid and invited to go along.

The 77 workers were handcuffed and sent to a immigration depot, where they are approaching to be deported, officials said.

Article source: http://www.thenewstribune.com/news/business/article160870139.html