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Malaysia PM on China, Rohingya, Singapore, Graft and Sea Row

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad commented on unilateral China-backed projects, diagnosis of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims, a South China Sea furor, a H2O covenant with Singapore and a country’s financial disaster in an talk Monday with The Associated Press.

Here are excerpts:

Ax China-backed Projects

Days before streamer to Beijing for his initial revisit given his overwhelming electoral feat 3 months ago, Mahathir pronounced Malaysia doesn’t need a Chinese-backed $20 billion East Coast Rail Link and dual appetite pipelines value $2.3 billion. The projects have been dangling tentative renegotiation.

“We don’t consider they are viable. So if we can, we would like to only dump a projects,” Mahathir said.

If scrapping a projects altogether isn’t doable, Malaysia will need to put them on reason until a future, “where maybe a need will arise,” he added. Some of that income has already been paid and could be formidable to recoup.

Stop Militarizing South China Sea

Mahathir cautioned opposite serve militarizing a doubtful South China Sea by reiterating his call for warships not to be henceforth stationed there, warning it could means an diseased “arms race.”

“We are all for ships, even warships, flitting through, though not stationed here,” he said. “It is a warning to everyone. Don’t emanate tragedy unnecessarily.”

China claims most of a sea as a possess and has built adult several synthetic islands and versed them with runways, hangers, radar installations and barb stations to accelerate a claim. It has indicted a U.S., that customarily deploys warships and aircraft to a sea, of nosiness in a quite Asian dispute. Chinese ships also unit a sea.

Staying Out of Saudi Conflict

Mahathir pronounced Malaysia wants to contend a neutral position and not be dragged into a Middle East conflict. His supervision has close a Saudi-backed anti-terrorism core launched final year and skeleton to repel Malaysian infantry from a kingdom.

“Saudi Arabia is during war. We don’t wish to be concerned in any unfamiliar war… we will not be indicted of assisting any assertive wars,” he said, citing strikes by a Saudi-led bloc on Yemen and Saudi’s dispute with Qatar.

Rohingya are Myanmar Citizens

Mahathir bloody Myanmar’s diagnosis of Rohingya Muslims and pronounced he was “very disappointed” with celebrity Aung San Suu Kyi’s disaster to hindrance hardship of a group. He pronounced Myanmar contingency accept that Rohingya, who have lived in a nation for generations, are citizens.

“It is grossly unfair to do what they have done, murdering people, mass murder, that’s not a approach courteous nations behave,” he said.

Fair Trial for Najib

Mahathir pronounced a supervision will safeguard a satisfactory hearing for former celebrity Najib Razak, who faces hearing on mixed charges associated to a purported multibillion-dollar looting of a 1MDB state investment fund.

“We guarantee that there will be no reprisal though a law will take a possess course. … He will get a satisfactory hearing in this country,” Mahathir said. But he added: “Najib is a categorical culprit. The universe knows that Najib stole money.”

Mahathir pronounced regulating Malaysia’s finances stays a pivotal priority of a government, that will symbol a 100 days in bureau this week.

“There might be a need for us to sell supervision resources for us to lift income to compensate debts. That is a border of Najib’s wrongdoing,” he said. This could embody offered stakes in government-linked businesses and properties, with a priority given to Malaysians, he said.

Singapore Water Deal

Mahathir pronounced a cost of tender H2O sole to Singapore should be increasing by some-more than 10 fold. Under a decades-old H2O understanding that expires in 2061, Malaysia sells tender H2O to Singapore during 3 sen ($0.0073) per thousand gallons and buys treated H2O during 50 sen ($0.12) per thousand gallons.

“Today 3 sen can buy nothing. we consider each covenant needs to be revised since a cost of vital changes,” he said. “It won’t make a hole in their finances only to give us a small bit of a income they are creation from us.”

Southern Johor state sells tender H2O to another state during 30 sen ($0.073) per thousand gallons and that’s a “charitable” cost for a domestic deal, he said. “For a unfamiliar country, we need to get some-more than that,” Mahathir added, though declined to contend what cost Malaysia is seeking.


Mahathir, who has been indicted of anti-Semitic views, pronounced he was not opposite Jews though was criticizing their wrongdoing.

“There is one competition that can't be criticized. If we are anti-Semitic, it seems roughly as if we are a rapist … anti-Semitic is a tenure that is invented to forestall people from criticizing a Jews for doing wrong things,” Mahathir said.

“When somebody does wrong, we don’t caring how large they are. They might be absolute countries though if they do something wrong, we practice my right of giveaway speech. They impugn me, because can’t we impugn them?” he said.

No Personality Cult

Mahathir, a world’s oldest inaugurated celebrity during 93, pronounced he doesn’t caring how story will decider him.

“Frankly we don’t care. we won’t be around,” he laughed. “When we am dead, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Mahathir pronounced there are no roads, schools or buildings named after him in Malaysia solely for a singular grant in his name.

“I don’t concede a celebrity cult,” he said. “If we wish to be remembered, we can paint a whole nation with my name. we don’t caring if people remember me or not.”

Article source: https://www.voanews.com/a/malaysia-pm-on-china-rohingya-singapore-graft-and-sea-row/4527455.html