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Mama Jun Reveals on ‘Good Morning America’ That 9 Pounds of Skin Was Removed From Her Body

For a initial time given divulgence her new physique on her TV uncover From Not to Hot, Mama Jun is stepping out in public and spoke to Good Morning America on Apr 5 about her extreme transformation.

“I didn’t go to a grocery store. we wasn’t means to associate with anybody,” a 37-year-old explained about her life before a weight detriment surgery, adding that her daughters, including 11-year-old Honey Boo Boo (whose genuine name is Alana), were affected. “I wasn’t means to go to [Alana’s] school. we mean, it was — it was crazy.”

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Now, after losing roughly 300 pounds, Jun has altered in some-more ways than one. “I have a new mom,” Alana said. “Well, it’s not like a new mom, it’s only she has a new physique … It’s like they cut off her conduct and afterwards put it on another body.”

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The existence star was means to get down to a distance 4 with a assistance of gastric sleeve surgery, yet it still compulsory a lot of scapegoat on her part. “You don’t only go into sleeve medicine and consider it is a proxy repair since it is not,” she told GMA‘s Amy Robach. “You have to work roughly everyday. I’m not observant I’m a many ideal chairman since trust me we do eat.”

June also had dual skin dismissal surgeries. “Nine pounds of skin came off my stomach,” she revealed.

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As for dieting, Alana acknowledged, “The food has changed. Every once in a while she will move in something diseased though mostly a food in a residence is healthy.”

The mother-of-four formerly told Life Style, “I only watch my portions and cut behind on a lot of a carbs. The one thing that we can't live but is my grapes and cheese.”

Despite her newfound confidence, a WEtv star stays sap of a dating world. When Alana certified during a talk that her beloved wasn’t texting her back, Jun joked, “This is because we don’t date.”

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