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Man indicted of posing as Parkland think to harass victims’ families online

A California male was indicted of holding a guise of Parkland sharpened think Nikolas Cruz to cyberstalk and send melancholy messages to a families of students killed in a Florida high propagandize massacre.

Brandon Fleury bombarded a kin with vicious taunts and threats on Instagram commencement in December, reminding a families of their detriment during a initial Christmas holidays given a conflict during Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Schoool, the Sun-Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale reported.

Using mixed accounts, including one with a username “nikolas.killed.your.sister,” a indicted sicko wrote, “I killed your desired ones hahaha,” “Your grief is my joy” and “I gave them no mercy,” according to a rapist censure filed Friday in a Southern District of Florida.

“With a energy of my AR-15, we erased their existence,” he also wrote in one post, that was accompanied by smiling, applauding and handgun emojis, according to a complaint.

At slightest 5 of a accounts traced behind to an IP residence in Santa Ana, where a think lived with his father and brother, a censure said.

“One post threatened to kidnap a summary recipients, while others sought to harass a recipients by regularly derisive a kin and friends of a MSD victims, entertaining a deaths of their desired ones,” FBI Special Agent Cameron McDowell wrote in a filing.

On Christmas Eve, several posts targeted Jesse Guttenberg, whose 14-year-old sister, Jaime, was among a 17 students and propagandize staffers killed on Feb. 14, 2018.

Fred Guttenberg
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Guttenberg perceived a messages, “How’s Jaime, hun?” and “Dead huh,” according to a feds.

Jaime’s father, Fred, who became outspoken on gun control in a arise of a massacre, told The Daily Beast that he was “thankful for a work of law coercion on this.”

On New Year’s Eve, Max Schachter, whose 14-year-old son, Alex, died in a massacre, also perceived derisive messages.

“Little [Alex Schachter] will never play song again,” Fleury allegedly wrote about a freshman, who had played a trombone.

Messages sent on Jan. 9 referred to Scott Beigel, 35, a Long Island-born embankment clergyman and cross-country manager who was killed while perplexing to close a doorway to keep a shooter out.

“Hehehaha! Mr. Beigel is dead!” and “Come during me small orphan! we killed your father!” Fleury allegedly wrote.

He also allegedly used a “teddykillspeople” comment to make abduction threats while posing as sequence torpedo Ted Bundy, who was executed in Florida’s electric chair in 1989.

“I’m your abductor,” one summary read.

A temporary commemorative setup in front of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
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The lamentation families told a Broward Sheriff’s Office about a immorality messages on Dec. 22.

When FBI agents showed adult during Fleury’s home on Jan. 16, he told them he knew they were there since of “some foolish s–t” he had finished online.

He showed no remorse, certified to being preoccupied by mass killers, and pronounced he targeted Stoneman Douglas families to benefit notoriety, McDowell wrote in a complaint.

Fleury’s father declined to contend if his son was still in control or either he had a lawyer.

“Sorry, improved fitness subsequent time,” Patrick Fleury told a Sun-Sentinel. “Bunch of nonsense.”

Fleury faces charges of communicating a hazard and regulating a mechanism to dominate another person.

A grand jury indicted Cruz on 17 depends of first-degree murder that could outcome in a genocide penalty.

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