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Man who scarcely died travels a universe – in an ambulance



Meet a male whose near-death
experience led him to container adult his life and transport a universe in a converted

After Ian Dow (34), from California in a US, scarcely died in a snowboarding collision he realised his life could’ve finished though him
getting to see a world.

In a 12 years given a occurrence he’s trafficked to 69 countries – initial on a
motorcycle and afterwards in an ambulance he
bought and converted.

The 1994 Ford E350 Type III car cost Ian around
$2 700 (about R40 700) and he spent another $5 500 (R81 400) converting it into a suitable travelling

“My personal travels started with chasing my
ambition as a rival snowboarder and relocating domestically to several mountains
in California and Nevada,” Ian says.

“At 22 we pennyless my behind snowboarding and had an
epiphany during that same moment: we suspicion to myself that life is fragile. we was
staring during a stone that my conduct had missed by an inch; that could have been it,
right there, and we haven’t been out to see a universe yet. It was time to go.

“After returning to America from vital in Europe I
bought a motorcycle to transport a States. we had no income so we lived in my
hammock while exploring a forests of a Pacific North West.

“When I’d spent my final pennies we found temporary
work on a plantation in Northern California. we worked there for a good deteriorate in a
beautiful place with overwhelming co-workers and a plantation dog named Rhino that had
become my best bud.

“As things were failing down on a plantation we was asked
to adopt a puppy from an random spawn my new friend Rhino was responsible
for. we gladly supposed a many pleasing blue-eyed
little puppy I’d ever seen and that we after named Dino (son of Rhino) after
his dad.

“My lifestyle on a motorcycle wouldn’t fit life
with my new friend so that, joined with a fact it was removing cold outside,
started my hunt for incomparable wheels; something we could also live in.

“I was in hunt of
a outpost when one morning on a float we went down on a motorcycle and roughly slid
off a cliff.

“That was it. we was damaged and indispensable emergency
help – another epiphany. we indispensable an ambulance. we bought one on eBay that night and was in Missouri 3 days
later picking it up.”

Ian has travelled
through a US, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica
and Belize.

Before that he’d spent around $15 800 (R232 000) visiting 50 countries in 18 months in Asia, Europe,
Africa, South America and a South

“Life in a ambulance is glorious,” he says. “When
south of a limit in Mexico or Costa
Rica a outpost life is perfect. Dino and we would lift adult on isolated beaches with
perfect waves and not customarily have them all to ourselves though also have a home
with us.

“I set adult a ambulance to unequivocally feel like a tiny
home rather than a camper so either we’re totally divided from multitude and on
our own, or in a parking lot in a city, we unequivocally feel during home.

“I adore to travel
because no dual days are a same. we learn so many from a cultures we get to
experience and a people I’m propitious to accommodate along a way.

“I theory what we adore many about transport is that for
me it’s unequivocally living. When out in a universe we have to request myself to do
simple tasks like anticipating food, anticipating water, charging a phone or even just
finding a place to park,” Ian says.

“When I’m in a new place with new people and a
different denunciation it takes some-more impasse and effort. Some people cite an
all-inclusive holiday where this is taken caring of for them, though we adore not
knowing what’s around a dilemma and traffic with all as it comes.”

While a outpost life has treated him good Ian now has
his eyes set on a sea and hopes to pierce onto a vessel soon.

“I grew adult in California in an aged wooden shed from
1914 and sailed with my father on his 1928 R Class Sloop named Aloha,” he says.

“Because of this upbringing I’ve been feeling the
call of a sea a lot newly and I’ve been meditative about offered the
ambulance to buy an aged wooden sailboat so we can cruise divided and eventually
circumnavigate a world.

“Luckily aged wooden boats are inexpensive to buy though they
require a lot of time, income and adore to upkeep. Everyone we tell about wanting
a wooden vessel says I’m crazy. we don’t disagree, it’s only my style. we have one
in my sights – a pleasing 53-foot Herreshoff ketch that’s now in Canada.”

Ian DowIan Dow

Ian encourages people all over a universe to follow their dreams and face their

“Just do it! The many critical thing to know is
that a ‘worst case’ in your mind, that suspicion that creates we fearful or
apprehensive about starting a outing like this, is customarily not so bad in reality.

“A relapse or prosaic tyre, removing stranded in the
mud, a roadblock or even a series can
all be opportunities for experience. Every time something goes wrong and we find
myself in a exposed position, that’s when I’ve had my many amazing

“Sometimes it’s a affability of others or a forced
roadside camping experience, and infrequently it’s a exam of nerves to overcome or
solve a problem on my own, withdrawal me with a clarity of delight and
accomplishment when it’s done.


“The hardest thing to do when formulation a outing is to
forget your fears and get started. Just get out and go, you’ll shortly see how
beautiful and non-threatening a world

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