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Marc Thiessen: Shutdown showdown — While Democrats solicit to their base, Trump shows leadership

Democrats reject Trump's latest offer to finish a supervision shutdownVideo

Democrats reject Trump’s latest offer to finish a supervision shutdown

Trump and Democrats during an corner over limit security; greeting and research from a ‘Special Report’ all-star panel.

Last week, Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia charity President Trump some recommendation on how to finish a stream limit wall standoff. “Always try to find a resolution in that both sides come out ahead,” Warner told a president. It’s good advice. Trump is holding it. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., are not.

On Saturday, Trump did accurately what Warner suggested, charity Democrats a win-win compromise. In further to his 230-mile earthy barrier, Trump pronounced he would support 3 years of legislative service for 700,000 recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, as good as a three-year prolongation for 300,000 other immigrants whose proxy stable standing is unwell — 1 million people in all. These extensions, Trump said, would give Congress time to “work on a incomparable immigration deal, that everybody wants — Republicans and Democrats.” His offer, Trump said, was “straightforward, fair, reasonable and common sense, with lots of compromise,” adding that “both sides in Washington contingency simply come together … and find solutions.”

The Democrats’ response? Pelosi called a offer “non-starter” even before Trump delivered his speech. Schumer announced it “one-sided and ineffective.” That’s ridiculous. Obviously, Trump’s offer is usually an opening bid. But instead of creation a counteroffer and negotiating in good faith, Democrats are perfectionist umbrella surrender. That extremism is personification politics with not usually a lives of a DACA and TPS recipients, who would advantage underneath Trump’s plan, though also a lives of a 800,000 sovereign supervision workers who are about to skip their second paycheck.


Trump offers DACA insurance in sell for wall fundingVideo

Trump is being a adult in a room. He has stopped articulate about invoking a inhabitant emergency. He’s arrangement coherence on a clarification of a wall, a series of miles, a volume of income — and adding immigration sweeteners. To denote his support for immigration, he even hold a naturalization rite in a Oval Office to privately swear in new adults from Iraq, Bolivia, Jamaica, a United Kingdom and South Korea, revelation them “our whole republic embraces we with open arms and joyous hearts.”

But it seems Democrats’ design is not to find a approach out of a stalemate; it is to disparage a president. Since Trump determined Warner’s advice, maybe a senator should go to his possess care and tell them a same thing: The usually approach this deadlock ends is with a win-win solution. Trump is peaceful to let Democrats explain victory, as prolonged as he can, too.

Indeed, he is charity Democrats what should be a delicious probability — that a tiny understanding on a wall now could pave a approach to a large understanding on immigration. As Trump pronounced in his debate Saturday, “If we are successful in this effort, we will afterwards have a best possibility in a really prolonged time during real, bipartisan immigration reform. And it won’t stop here. It will keep going until we do it all.”

Such a deal, Trump done clear, would embody freedom and a trail to citizenship for millions of bootleg immigrants. Indeed, Trump took feverishness from a right for his Saturday offer, with immigration restrictionists aggressive him for ancillary amnesty. Trump didn’t wince during a criticism. To a contrary, he declared, “Amnesty will be used usually on a most bigger deal.”

The Democrats’ refusal to negotiate is self-defeating. Just as usually Nixon could go to China, usually Trump can cut an immigration understanding with Democrats. Trump is peaceful to pull behind on a immigration hard-liners in his possess celebration to make such a deal. By contrast, Pelosi and Schumer are pandering to their party’s hard-liners. It is a pitiable arrangement of domestic timidity and opportunism. Their loathing for Trump is so all-consuming that they can't move themselves to accept his outstretched palm and make a understanding that would give them many of their long-held immigration priorities.


They could have enacted extensive immigration remodel when, underneath President Barack Obama, they had control of a White House, a House, and a 60-vote, filibuster-proof domain in a Senate. They unsuccessful to do it then, and they are unwell to gain on this event now. It increasingly appears that Democrats don’t seem to wish a solution; they wish a issue.

While Democrats are genuflecting to their base, Trump is arrangement leadership. If Trump continues on this path, a American people will eventually come to comprehend it. Polls uncover that a immeasurable infancy of electorate wish both sides to compromise. On Saturday, Trump plainly embraced compromise. The Democrats deserted it. Their position is insane and unsustainable. Time is on a president’s side.


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