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Meet a 90 year aged Granny who travels a world!

Baba Lena is 89 years aged and has a large Instagram following because she blows her grant on life knowledge and adventure! 

Not what you’d design from a grandmother, right? Well, one demeanour during her Instagram and you’ll be saving even some-more for your retirement! Hailing from a Russian city Krasnoyarsk, before this she had usually visited Prague, Poland and East Germany in a 1970s, though stopped holidaying abroad since she no longer had a time or money. Six years ago, during a age of 83, that all changed!.

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According to a Independant.co.uk, she became an internet prodigy after assembly Ekaterina Papina, a associate Russian traveller, in Vietnam. Papina’s post on Facebook about her moving assembly with Baba Lena perceived 14,000 shares. And now, Baba has her possess fanbase, 58 thousand people to be exact!

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