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Meet a Australian Model Couple Who Travels a World While Living a Broke Life


It has been pronounced over and over again a regrets people have for not carrying trafficked some-more in their youth. It’s so easy to get held adult with settling down, shopping houses and operative on a careers that we forget to take advantage of saying a universe while we’re young.

Fortunately for Jourdan Bowen, 26, and Madeline Relph, 24, they won’t ever have those regrets. The Australian integrate from Sydney’s northern beaches are childhood sweethearts who have been roving a universe together and pity their enviable adventures on Instagram.


While other twenty-something-year-old couples are purchasing their initial homes or shopping imagination cars, Bowen and Relph are vital on a bill and doing “everything cheap.”


Though they leave frugally, a dual are enjoying life to a fullest and visiting distant off places that embody India, Morocco, Tanzania, Santorini and Turkey.


The couple, who have been together given their teens, exhibit they’ve depressed even some-more in adore with any other by traveling.


Bowen and Relph met as teenagers in Adelaide, Australia, and now reside in Mona Vale in Sydney’s northern beaches.


When they are not on a safari or roving camels by a desert, Relph works as a indication for Tree of Life and transport debate association Contiki and Bowen works as a laborer during home in Mona Vale.


Among a many fantastic sights they’ve seen embody examination 100 prohibited atmosphere balloons arise over Turkey’s Goreme Valley.


The integrate has certified that they make a ideal travels companions for any other, by thick and thin. Relph told Manly Daily via Daily Mail:

“We are there to see new things and accommodate new people. We have slept in airports, on buses and on trains and we eat travel food and share meals. We do all inexpensive — and suffer life to a fullest.”


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