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Meet a male who travels a universe on $5 a day — ‘You see that what we are told on a news is not true’

SALT LAKE CITY — Leon Logothetis had a gentle life and a successful career though still felt he was blank something.

“I used to be a attorney in London, and we was really depressed,” Logothetis pronounced in a new phone talk with a Deseret News. “And we saw a movie, ‘The Motorcycle Diaries,’ that was a uncover about a male roving to South America relying on kindness. And we was so desirous by that film that we changed — we left my pursuit and we started to transport around a universe relying on kindness.”

For Logothetis, affability has proven flattering reliable. Since his initial trip, he has managed to transport by over 100 countries but cash, association or a place to stay. He now produces and stars in radio shows that request his adventures. His series, “The Kindness Diaries,” is entrance to BYUtv on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 7:30 p.m. MST.

Although Logothetis’ books, TV shows and renouned lectures gained him poignant support, he continues to transport on faith. In “The Kindness Diaries,” Logothetis crossed a United States, Europe and London with usually $5, 5 euros or 5 pounds a day.

“When we travel, we see a world,” he said. “And when we see a world, we see that what we are told on a news is not true. (You see) that many people are indeed kind, many people indeed care, and we comprehend that news is only a really tiny partial of life and that integrity is a many bigger partial of life.”

Leaving his former amicable temperament behind authorised Legothetis to rise an choice indicate of view.

“I started to live a tiny bit some-more from my heart and a tiny bit reduction from my brain, my mind. And it was beautiful,” he said.

“I finished adult sleeping on a streets of Pittsburgh with a homeless man,” he pronounced while recalling an partial of “The Kindness Diaries.” “He stable me, he fed me and gave me some clothes. And it was really pleasing to see someone be so kind who had nothing. It reminded me about a energy of kindness.”

Since fixation his contentment in a hands of strangers, Logothetis has schooled that many people are eventually good willed. But he doesn’t indispensably trust a extreme change in business is required for everybody to knowledge middle growth.

“(Traveling) was required for me,” he said. “I couldn’t have finished it (without traveling). But that doesn’t meant other people couldn’t.”

For Logothetis, that means surrounding yourself with others who live from a heart, people who are not driven by outmost motivations, such as income or appearances.

His new book, “Go Be Kind: 28½ Adventures Guaranteed to Make You Happier,” teaches readers to confederate affability into their daily lives. “It’s moving people to take tiny tiny baby stairs towards vital from a heart,” Logothetis said. “The best approach to do that is simply to be kind.”

As described by BenBella Books, Logothetis’ “Go Be Kind” contains “a array of daily adventures that will assistance we rediscover a biggest tellurian present — affability — joining we with others and assisting we emanate a happier life.”

The materialisation of tie is a supernatural knowledge for Logothetis. Disconnection — from ourselves, and, subsequently, others, he pronounced — is a source of sadness.

“When you’re away from your possess heart, afterwards we can't be connected to someone else’s heart — afterwards we can't see them,” Legothetis explained.

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When asked, he concluded that his viewpoint infrequently alienates him from others who have normal amicable views. “The answer to that is ‘yes,’” he said. “But as prolonged as we approximate myself with people who have identical feelings, afterwards we don’t (feel alienated).”

Recently, Logothetis stopped by Salt Lake City to plead his work with school-age children. Utah, he said, does a good pursuit during being kind — and, in part, we have the pleasing view to thank. That “nature orientation,” as Logothetis called it, helps Utahns bond with and be a tiny kinder to one another.

“There’s really … a heart-centeredness,” he said. “… There’s a adore and a affability here. … When we’re connected to nature, it helps us to be kind.”

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