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Megan Fox Receives a Message From Her "Super Genius" Fetus: we Know we Sound "Like a Lunatic"

When Megan Fox final seemed on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! in February, few knew a singer was awaiting her third child with father Brian Austin Green. “I was unequivocally pregnant,” she told Jimmy Kimmel when she returned to a uncover Tuesday. “I was already in my second trimester. we had on like 3 pairs of Spanx and we were unequivocally harnessing that in.”

“Do we feel, in a way, like we lied to me by entrance out here profound and not indicating it?” Jimmy asked. Megan dismissed back, “Do we feel like we owe we that arrange of insinuate information?”

Megan pronounced her sons, Noah Shannon Green, 3, and Bodhi Ransom Green, 2, are vehement to acquire another sibling; they have a 14-year-old half-brother, Kassius Green, from Brian’s attribute with Vanessa Marcil. “I’ve showed them with a baby doll how a baby is going to spin upside down. They know where a baby is entrance out. They know all that,” a singer said. “Bodhi thinks it’s unequivocally humorous that you’re going to feed a baby with your boobies. He thinks that’s hilarious. But they’re not scared. They don’t know. They consider it sounds normal.”

“The comparison one’s aware,” she added, “but he’s excited.”

Megan and Brian, who’ve been together given 2004, are tighten to determining on a name for their subsequent child. “It’s not sealed in yet,” she said. “I have no center name yet; we’re still searching.”

The best partial of being profound with Baby No. 3 is meaningful what to expect. “It’s easier doing it, given I’ve had a baby each other year given 2012. So your physique gets used to it. With a initial one, we was unequivocally fearful that something was going to go wrong, and afterwards with a second one, he came so shortly after a initial one it was all a blur,” a mom-to-be recalled. “And afterwards with this one I’ve been a small some-more relaxed, though given we know how it hurts as we get closer to a date and we’re removing closer, we do still get shaken about that, given that pain is no joke.”

“I know,” Jimmy said.

“Oh, do we know?” Megan asked.

“You know how we know?” Jimmy asked. “My mother tells me like each 3 days.”

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