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Merry travels: Best and misfortune transport days around Christmas

  • Local trade information wrangler INRIX offering us an research of a best and misfortune times to get on a internal highways to transport to and from holiday get-togethers. Though your skeleton competence already be in motion, take a demeanour by these slides to see what to design on a internal interstates.Interstate 5 -- Seattle to PortlandBest day: Monday, Dec. 26Worst days: Tuesday, Dec. 27 or Wednesday Dec. 28Worst time to leave: Between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.Best time to leave: 1 p.m. (at a latest)INRIX suggests drivers could save 20 to 30 mins of expostulate time by avoiding I-5 Photo: Seattle Post-Intelligencer



It’s roughly Christmas and if you’ve lived here for long, we know that means we’re expected in for some trade hangups.

Thousands of Seattleites will be streamer out for holiday adventures nearby and far, while families and visitors will be flocking to a Emerald City to join others who will sojourn in and around a city. 

All of that will put vigour on a already stressed-out highway system.

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To assistance we navigate those tribulations this holiday, experts from Kirkland-based INRIX offering adult some numbers on a best and misfortune transport days and how prolonged some of a misfortune routes competence take.

INRIX’s comparison trade economist, Bob Pishue, crunched numbers from 2011 holiday travel, given that was a final time a Christmas holiday fell on a weekend. Obviously, trade volumes in a segment have increasing given then, so take a estimates as only that: Estimates.

Pishue also took into comment a effects of continue on transport easterly or west on Interstate 90, where Snoqualmie Pass mostly snarls trade regardless of volumes.

To comment for weather, he enclosed 2015 transport times, given that year saw some-more inauspicious continue over a pass than 2011. 

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In a relapse of north and south routes, Pishue also remarkable that avoiding Interstate 5 could be a correct move. Clearly, that competence not be a essential choice if you’re roving a prolonged distance, though even merely adjusting your transport time to equivocate a misfortune peaks of trade could make for a smoother boyant to grandma’s residence or wherever else your holiday transport competence take you.

If your transport skeleton do take we over Snoqualmie Pass, it’s a good thought to make certain you’re prepared for winter travel. 

Aside from carrying a set of tire bondage (snow tires and all-wheel expostulate competence not be adequate in some cases), it’s a good thought to make certain we have a full tank of gas, a initial assist kit, water, snacks, gloves, a winter jacket, boots and a sweeping or two. For a genuine Boy Scout, highway flares and jumper cables would also make good additions to your transport kit.

The Washington State Department of Transportation has a page dedicated to winter pushing and credentials tips here.

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