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Microsoft CMO: Forced Windows 10 upgrades were ‘pretty painful’

This year, Microsoft pushed users on holding advantage of a offer to ascent their PCs to Windows 10 for free. That meant a association used a accumulation of strategy to get people to implement an updater and run it to reinstate their aged handling systems with a new one. 

Overall, Microsoft got a change right between being too assertive and removing users to upgrade, Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela pronounced in a Windows Weekly interview. But he did acknowledge that Microsoft stepped out of line during one indicate with a change that confused and perturbed a series of users. 

“There was one sold impulse … where a red ‘x’ in a dialog box, that typically means, we know, ‘cancel,’ didn’t meant cancel,” he said. “And within a integrate of hours of that attack a world, with a listening systems we have, we knew that we had left too far.”

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“And then, of course, it takes us some time to hurl out a refurbish that altered that behavior,” he added. “And those dual weeks were flattering painful, and clearly a lowlight for us. And we schooled a lot from it, obviously.”

The acknowledgment is a bit late, deliberation that a refurbish dialog Capossela referred to seemed in late May. While Microsoft might have been operative on an refurbish to change a behavior, it didn’t contend anything about a emanate during a time. 

By now, though, it’s something of a indecisive point. Microsoft’s hyper-aggressive Windows 10 pull is over, along with a company’s offer of a giveaway upgrade. 

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