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Mike Pence during CPAC praises Donald Trump’s record: ‘Promises done and promises kept’

Vice President Mike Pence praised President Trump Friday during a Conservative Political Action Conference, revelation supporters a commander in arch has delivered on a promises he done on a debate trail.

He pronounced Mr. Trump has cut some-more sovereign red fasten than any other president, authorised a U.S. to turn a largest oil and healthy gas producer, and is confirming a many sovereign judges to a law than any other boss in new history.

The clamp boss also pronounced a Trump administration will finish building a wall along a southern limit before he leaves bureau — touting Mr. Trump’s signature debate guarantee in 2016. The throng reacted by chanting, “Build that wall!”

“Promises done and promises kept,” Mr. Pence told a throng collected in Oxon Hill, Maryland, outward of Washington.

“The lost group and women of America are lost no more,” he added.

The clamp boss also praised Mr. Trump for safeguarding eremite autocracy and being a pro-life leader.

“Life is winning in America once again,” Mr. Pence said, as he abashed Democrats for endorsing late-term abortion.

His comments come after New York and other Democrat-led states are pulling for reduction law on termination during a third trimester.

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